Hercules 7LTS

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The ultimate in racing rods that are ultra-lightweight, ultra-sharp and show true torque.
LTS / 7 footer series, flagship model.

Hercules 7LTS

Name rod Hercules 7 ultimate racing model that was factory tune, Hercules 7-LTS. Hercules 4-axis reinforcement of the bat part is extended, and the tip to bat is unpainted unsanded finish. And the guide is a semi-micro setting. Furthermore, fore grip-less, blank touch reel seat, separate grip. When you hold it, you will be amazed by the lightness that you don’t think is 7 feet. What’s more, that lightness means more than just its own weight on the specs, it’s a serious light with comfort in actual battles that creates even more surprises when you set a reel, tie a lure, and cast it. That’s it.

In addition to the lightness of the unpainted unsanded finish blank and unique semi-micro multi-point guide setting, it has ultra-sensitive sensitivity. The benefit of the semi-micro multipoint of the guide is that it can prevent breakage due to one-step thin line and close-up by intense matching at close distance, and the decabus hung behind the heavy cover can withstand It extends to come out. This is because by arranging the guide to match the bend curve of the blank and further to the bat direction, the instantaneous force can be distributed and received by the entire blank, and the power of the entire blank can be used up.

In addition, as an advantage of 7 foot long length & Hercules 4 axis reinforcement extension, the hitting point of the attack in the jig and worm game in close combat becomes higher, the ability to drag the bus from the cover at the same time as the attack increases, and long cast The hooking performance at a long distance from is also improved.

Despite this power-up, the ability to use lighter, longer-length and thinner lines also means that lighter rigs can be cast more comfortably. Needless to say 7g sinker, 5g, sometimes up to 3.5g sinker. As a heavy action rod, it is a dream heavy action rod that can handle light rigs and thin lines comfortably and supports high pressure.

Texas rigs, zerodans, guarded jigs, and high specific gravity worm no sinkers in close combat that repeat hundreds or even more than a thousand casts a day significantly improve accuracy and comfort. Long-distance hooking is a good choice for shad tail worm swimming and swimming rubber jigs. In addition, the lure of small lures such as Little Max is reduced. High balance design that is super lightweight, super sharp and demonstrates true torque. The extreme of racing rods for competition. Hercules 7-LTS, a flagship model of the LTS / 7 footer series.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Guarded jigs / Light Texas rigs / Zerodan / High specific gravity worm no sinker / Heavy caroline rig / Football jig / Braided jig / Spinner bait / Metal vibration / Medium to large crank bait etc …

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Based on the Hercules 7 blank, the 4-axis reinforcement is extended from the original guide to the next upper guide. We further refined the strong bat power. In addition, the blank above the bat adopts an unpainted unsand finish. We realize lightness and operability that we cannot think of 7 feet and contribute to improvement of sensitivity.

Guide system
Adopts a unique semi-micro guide setting (all Fuji titanium frame SiC ring guides) with the former guide in front. This setting reduces the loss of bat power and makes full use of the potential of blanks. At the same time, lighter weight and higher sensitivity are realized with the smaller guide diameter.

Grip & reel seat
EVA separate grip pursuing light weight & operability & durability. The foregrip has a simple structure with a 4-axis carbon sleeve for direct touch feeling and light weight. The reel seat adopts Fuji ACS with an offset design with improved gripping support such as main trigger and second trigger. The grip end is fitted with a combination color ring with Heracles’ initial H as a motif and a Hercules original end plate showing quality.