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Shengsan’s power glass. World standard moving versatile 68MG Ocelot.


Hercules “Tour Pro Series” is a rod that Morizo ​​Shimizu crossed with the monsters of the world ’s highest tournament / Busmaster Elite series to make fishing wins. The three rods that support the “rolling fishing” that is the core of the most popular fishing are the three “power glasses”.

From the cast & retrieve to hooking and landing without landing … Seisan ideal moving rod shaped the true basic performance required of a glass rod, “68MG Ocelot” with different length and hardness A lineup of three types: “611MHG Serval” and “73HG Leopard”. Although it is a setting that can cover all moving lures with three, each model has a wide range of capabilities, and demonstrates the performance suitable for expressing as “moving versatile”.

68MG Ocelot matches top-shallow range crank baits, 3 / 8oz class buzz baits, 3 / 8oz class chatter baits and more. Slightly light lures, lures with weak pulling resistance, and in situations where accuracy is required.

■ Tour Pro Series Power Glass Concept

“Surely finish without losing quality fish” “Continue throwing and wrapping comfortably all day” The performance that Morizo ​​demanded for the moving fishing rod was as simple as expected.

However, in order to ensure that simple things are practiced, the rods must be set to the ultimate … glass as well as the material chosen to make Shengsan’s ideal form. However, it was not the direction of thin winding and light weight, which is the mainstream of the modern bus rod manufacturing method, but it was made of unidirectional glass, a glass material that is relatively easy to apply, and it was thick and thick.

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Thick main shaft of unidirectional (unidirectional fiber) glass. A 4-axis Hercules cloth is composited on the bat. By adding the rigidity of 4-axis carbon to the powerful and torqueful glass shaft, a tough composite shaft without blurring has been completed.
* The 4-axis Hercules cross in the bat is hidden behind the Titan Red coloring (pictured here).

Guide system
Original setting of double foot K guide with thick stainless steel frame that emphasizes durability.

Reel seat design
Mori ACS’s Fuji ACS reel seat that allows you to continue fishing on the moving bait comfortably with an offset design that supports the grip and trigger position suitable for casting.

Grip design
Emphasizes gripping and handling and adopts separate type. The grip end is equipped with a proof of the Morizo ​​model, Hercules original end plate of metallic red & silver.