2020 model for DAIWA’s exclusive bait finesse machine.

With the theme of new dimension bait finesse, the new 2020 model “Stears AIR TW”
equipped with 28mm diameter “AIR spool” created by KTF and Daiwa has appeared. One of the attractions is the lightweight and compact body that we arrived at as a result of the reduction in diameter that is advantageous for handling light lures.

The stock spool has a certain amount of wound volume, but KTF pursues an aggressive “bait finesse” setting to maximize the rise of 28mm rotation.
An “offensive” design that minimizes the amount of line wound and further promotes a shallow groove.

KAHEN brakes are also original settings for “AIR” only.
It has both the highest standard spool rotation and easy handling.

Features for KTF Finesse Spool “KAHEN” Steez AIR TW

The strongest G1 duralumin in history is used for the spool material and stainless steel is used for the spool shaft.

The spool weight including the KAHEN unit is 5.4g.

The spool bearing is IXA’s MBS micro ball bearing system which improves response time and handles heavier loads when needed.

Line capacity is about 40 meters with 8 pounds of fluorocarbon.