Features of the custom base machine “07 Metanium”.

It has a long history of debuting in 2007 and has been in production for a long time until the new model was announced in 2013.

It is a popular model that is easy to handle, with a high degree of perfection, well balanced in size and weight, and there are still many fans.

The spool diameter of 34φ has a wide range of applications and is easy to handle for both winding and shooting.

This is when KTF tunes “07 Metanium”!

The ” Versatile Finesse Spool” concept was aimed at tuning the 34Φ spool of “07 Metanium”.
It is a combination of easy cast performance of a light lure and a large amount of bobbin winding even for large diameter lines.

By repeating material selection, design, and testing, the ability to follow lightweight lures, which has traditionally been a weak point for large diameter spools, has been dramatically improved.