Features of the custom base machine “15 Aldebaran 50 series”.

A state-of-the-art Aldebaran that throws a new stone in the evolving bait finesse scene. This model, which inherited the name of “09 Aldebaran”

, which was popular for its lightweight performance and sharpness of spool rotation, is equipped with SVS Infinity that can adjust the braking force from the outside, and still achieves 135 g of super lightweight in the normal state.

The fact that bait finesse is now a necessary item in various situations can be seen from the fact that two types of gears, 6.5 and 7.4, are available.

The “15 Aldebaran 50 Series” is, in both name and reality, Shimano’s latest bait finesse reel of the new era.

This is when KTF tunes the “15 Aldebaran 50 series”!

When we tuned the “15 Aldebaran 50 series”, a machine for ultra-light bait finesse, we designed it with the goal of thoroughly “finesse”.

The “G1 duralumin” essential for KTF tuning is adopted, and the “sharpening ” and “converging” of the rotation are extremely quick, achieving a super sharp spool response.

Then, from October 2016, the conventional SVS conversion system was renewed to a system equipped with a KTF original lightweight 4P unit. Experience a new dimension of centrifugal bait finesse, where you can experience the comfort of accurately casting ultra-light lures without stress! * KTF original lightweight 4P unit installed / IXA micro bearing standard equipment