Features of the custom base machine “16 Aldebaran BFS”.

Designed exclusively for bait finesse in 2016.

The latest machine that weighs 130g and is the lightest Shimano bait reel.
Thoroughly pursue the pitching performance of lightweight lures.
Eliminating the brake unit from the spool with the aim of further improving spool response.

It is equipped with a unique brake mechanism “FTB” (Finesse Tune Brake System).

This is what happens when KTF tunes “16 Aldebaran BFS”!

When tuning the lightest special bait finesse machine “16 Aldebaran BFS”, the spool material “G1 duralumin” was used to thoroughly reduce the weight, and succeeded in reducing the normal weight by 1.1 grams.

Also, by brushing up the setting of the new generation bait finesse brake FTB from the spool side, the normal peaky is eliminated.

We have realized a setting that allows you to cast “comfortably and comfortably”.
For this reason, the spool design has been completely redesigned.