Features of the custom base machine “18 Bantam MGL”.

A new 2018 model that revived the former Shimano bait reel title “Bantam”.

Shimano’s processing technology makes full use of the “core solid body”, which is a metal frame with an integrated palming cup and is designed to be highly rigid and durable.

The brakes are the latest model of Shimano’s traditional centrifugal SVS system and are designed to allow fine adjustment from the outside.

With a spool diameter of 34 mm, it is a genre of Versatile model.

“18 Bantam MGL” changes with KTF tune!

The Bantam MGL has high potential as a versatile machine by taking advantage of its high rigidity and durability.

KTF exquisitely sets the optimum amount of line wound in a more practical range
to eliminate useless “dead line” that reduces the response.

By adopting the G1 duralumin spool material to reduce the weight, we have achieved a setting that allows for “comfortable and comfortable” casting.