Features of the custom base machine “16 Metanium MGL”.

Debuted in 2016 with the latest technology from Metanium!

Shimano Bait Reel’s standard-sized Versatile machine, “Metanium,” has been introduced in 2016 with greatly improved performance.

The big change is the adoption of “SVS Infinity” which is an evolution of the conventional SVS .

The 13 models, in which the effectiveness of the centrifugal brake can now be adjusted with an external dial, have been well received, but with the advent of SVS Infiniti, the range of adjustments has expanded dramatically. This means that centrifugal brakes, which I have been uncomfortable with until now, can now be fine-tuned immediately depending on the wind direction, the weather, the casting lure, and the distance of the presentation.

This is when KTF tunes “16 Metanium MGL”!

When tuning the state-of-the-art Versatile machine “16 Metanium MGL”, the spool material “G1 duralumin” was used to drastically reduce the weight, and the weight of the spool itself was reduced to 7.5 grams.

The approach as bait finesse is of course stress- free, and it is a versatile spool that can handle the full-line winding up to line capacity.

It is also suitable for Texas and leaderless with a certain amount of weight, and you can comfortably use a weight of 7 to 14 g.