Features of the custom base machine “18 Aldebaran MGL”.

Among the Aldebaran series with a 32 mm diameter spool, the standard model with a centrifugal braking system was remodeled in 2018.

16 Aldebaran It is not a magnet type of BFS but equipped with Shimano’s traditional SVS centrifugal brake, which brings a relaxed braking characteristic.

In addition, lightweight and compact bodies are realized by using a spool with a diameter of 32 mm.

“18 Aldebaran MGL” will change with KTF tune!

KTF pays attention to the advantage of this model as a bait finesse machine.
Not only the lightweight and compact body but also the small-diameter spool that makes it easy to produce a sharp response, so it is a brush bain finesse that makes full use of the light rotating feel of the centrifugal brake. Eliminating wasted “dead line” by resetting the optimum amount of line wound in pursuit of response.

By adopting the G1 duralumin spool material to reduce the weight, we have achieved a setting that allows for a “comfortable and comfortable” cast.