The combat stick tactics series which clarified the purpose for which it asked for a rod, and raised the “performance to catch the bass” to the ultimate by the ultimate balance setting. In addition to its concept, the “tactics special edition” introduced here is a professional model that reflects their claims more deeply in accordance with the style of each professional with intense individuality.

With ultra heavy cover, I let it go without feeling, bring it in hooking, stand up with a rod, and have power coming from the real tenacity of just pulling out the big bass from the back of the cover. For example TR-FR. And explosion. Control Big Bait freely. Don’t give in to the amazing power of the big fish with “super”. It has to stand out against damage strength durability. For example, a warrior. Being Versatile Having far-reaching power. Light and high balance. And tough and durable to withstand continuous use Warrior Tour tough & hard continuous machine gun cast corresponding to good return. For example, Tyrant. While having a clear sense of the jig’s part-time, having a “break-in” that never makes it a short-part. Have the power to pull the bath out of the heavy cover instantly. Tyrant HD that sought heavy duty that did not overwhelm more violent power. The Tactics Casting Series is the best setting for blanks, cross patterns, guide settings, grip shapes, and the taste of parts to clarify the purpose required for each rod and to maximize its performance. As a result, it was made to exhibit the outstanding performance as a “fishing” bass rod. It is possible to reduce the short bite by the rod performance and to bring it into hooking with certainty. It is possible to use a high balance that can be operated comfortably and freely without fatigue by using one day rather than numerically super lightweight rods. It is possible to realize that heavyweight big bait is “is it easy to throw so much”, but the performance for fishing is condensed tactics casting series for a simple black shaft. Don’t make bass fishing difficult. Robust and lightweight, a new standard of true sensitivity.

■ Titanium Frame SiC Guide
Fuji titanium frame SiC guide adopted. The tip section has an ultra-small diameter single foot that improves sensitivity and helps reduce weight and increase balance, and the butt section is also set with an ultra-lightweight small diameter double foot guide according to the purpose of the rod. ※ Some models are excluded.
■ Champagne Gold Winding Check
The sparkling check of beautiful champagne gold not only produces the pleasure of owning, but it is also an important cross that can be called a “signal booster” that amplifies the signal from the blanks and instantly transmits it to the hand. ※ Some models are excluded.
■ E.G. Original Super Bass Seat
The EVA straight grip is equipped with “Evergreen Original Super Bass Seat” that promises comfortable holding performance both in casting and winding.
■ TACTICS Original Power Grip
TCSC 70HD / Explosion and TCSC- 74X / TR-FR are equipped with power grips of original shape. The grip end shape is for firmly casting heavy weight lures. Functionally-focused design to reduce pain in the body.
■ BONANZA Coating
By coating the blanks with Bonanza, keep away dirt, shut out minor scratches. Prevents line coloration and improves rod operability.
■ TACTICS Original Drip End Plate
The grip end is fitted with an end plate designed with quality tactics and an Evergreen logo. ※ Some models are excluded.

Casting Series
Pleasure to shoot. An overwhelming feeling of operation in single hand use. The shortest and lightest ultralight shaft dagger in the series. The sharp and comfortable swinging feeling, and the cast feel that can shoot light weight lures with low trajectory and tightness, precisely put the plug under the outstanding overhang. Usability to make jerk bait act rhythmically and lightly. Machine gun cast & retrieve shallow cranks and spinner baits in single hand use. In pursuit of accuracy and lightness, high balance short gear that combines the sensitivity and power to capture the tip section of the magic that sucks and flips the part without flipping the bite. Not only hard bait but also light Texas, jig head, drop shot rig, or superior operability and lightness in live bait rigs that use delicate and continuous shaking frequently overwhelm others. Cover Jerk Bait Special by Toshifumi Kikumoto.

Transmission performance in different dimensions. True sensitivity. The meaning of conveying vibration. Are vibration plugs, crankbait vibrations, spinner bait blade rotations accurately transmitted in real time, rather than amplified? The shock transmission ability of the super laser shot is amazing as it seems. Try Lift & Fall with a vibration like Little Max to give it a try. Those who shake the vibration of the bat and shake it to the fore grip clearly can not help but be moved. The angler can detect the movement of the lure just like hand, and above all, the change in the vibration, that is, the bottom contact and the unexpected bite in a very clear sense. Casting performance that can shoot lures with low trajectory accurately. Different dimensional operation performance. Versatility performance regardless of fast moving and jig worm. Super laser shot.

Carry a hard bait. Don’t throw away with a deeper strike. Barely, by reducing the elastic modulus of graphite ~ ~, by the sense of “carrying the lure on the entire rod” feeling, and the design of the vector directed to a more hard bait with more flexibility to prevent mischief in tough conditions “War Tiger: For example, when spinner bait covers tight and speedily, the ability to carry lures straightforwardly to any cast method and the fast to medium retrieve, as well as the smashing performance, is unique to War Tiger For example, Warriors are designed with a 50:50 design for fast moving and jigs and worms, while this Wartiger is a fast moving 65: self contained for jigs and worms 35. However, short bytes for Texas rigs etc. For example, if you happen to be frequent, you will By dealing with, is the tricks specific secret is that the strike rate rises visibly.

Shimizu three models. US Tour Special. US tour model warrior tour desired by Sorizumi Shimizu “. A custom model based on the warrior that is more durable to withstand hard use. For this reason, the guide setting is made from ultra-lightweight single foot titanium frame more tough use Double-footed stainless steel frame that withstands, and the grip is cut 1 inch from the original warrior, achieving the desired maneuverability of the Mori3 material. This is all the ideal setting for Morisan to “throw down”. Throw down DZONE 3 / 8-1 / 20z. Texas rig, CC. I shoot rounds. The thread color is the red of the passion of the Mori3. Shimizu three models. “Worrier Tour. O metallic red & gold thread adopted. OFuji stainless steel frame double foot SiC guide original setting. O Morizo ​​shape cork grip attached. O grip end attached metallic red end plate.

Sensitive & Torqueful. This light climbs up. Toshifumi Kikumoto’s Power Fines Main Rod Warrior Ride. He uses this rod extensively for live baitrigs such as Jerky J. As well as its precise cast performance and operability in continuous shaking retrieve, it exhibits amazing landing performance such as no less than 30 consecutive lines, more than 1 kg of basses, line play, and no looseness. I demonstrated the ability not to stick to the flex and torque fullness that I put on a Decabass. In addition, the ability to carry small Shads and Tiny cranks more comfortably, Lite Texas, the hooking performance in drop shots is due to a high dimensional fusion of 66 “length and tapered design. Sensitive and torqueful light gear, Kanwa Kumi It has also become the main weapon in bank fishing.

True versatile performance. Person who inherits the name of a warrior. A masterpiece of tradition inherited from the first combat stick. Superversatile Rod Pronoun “A tactics version of the warrior who deserves to inherit the name of a warrior. The lightest and most balanced design of all warriors of all time. The outstanding operability that comes from there. The overwhelming distance that everyone is surprised” “It may not be too good,” while having a sensitivity that feels, it has “between the flirting” that does not hit the byte and surprisingly reduces the byte miss. feel. Hang up. Come close. obtain. Please realize the smoothness of the series of operations. Wide range of high-dimensional support for warmth and jigging from any medium weight fast moving lure. In addition, high strength blanks performance that boasts of powerful and extra tough toughness firmly captures Decabass bite and makes it come true. I do not fall into hard continuous use Tactics Warrior, the performance for fishing to know using.

Another sense above. Supersense & toughness. Extremely high level, high response tactical balance that combines hooking performance in a high level while combining warmth, the sensitivity really needed as a jigging rod, and high dimensionality: extremely wide range of usable weights From light 8/8 class light 3/8 oz Texas rig. It corresponds to a wide-area high dimension from a football jig of 1 / 20z class to a guarded jig to say the 1/4-3 / 802C. C round. Originally designed as a jig and worm rod, it exhibits excellent performance for technical hard bait fishing such as 1/20 z spinner bait slow roll, hang-off cutting of vibration plug, or vertical game with a metal jig. Supersense & toughness. Tactics “Tembed.

This jig rod is different. Shoot exactly. I get a big bass. Unlike traditional jig rods, the Tactics Tyrant can not make a “deep bath” just to inhale the jig into the mouth of the bath and turn it without turning it into a short bite. It is successful in controlling by rod performance to the thing which is easy to bring the bite into the hooking without killing the sensitivity, from the conversion of the idea that “the hooking becomes possible?” It is an easy-to-use, easy-to-use hooking tool that is easy to understand for anyone with an extremely difficult short byte, and with sufficient strokes and powerful hooking. Tighter approach than anyone else and cast performance capable of a super long cast. Powerful and extra-tough, high-power, high-strength blanks performance is also proven to catch an amazing number of Rokumal monsters.

Extreme of heavy-duty, Kikumoto model for Decabass. Tyrant’s heavy-duty model that was created to cope with super monsters and ultra-heavy cover shooting. Factory tune which double-wrapped stainless steel frame double foot guide. Black shaft that exhibits smoother and more durable. Jig & Texas’s cool looks with built-in black & blue end balancer to make lighter, faster and smoother swing-up operations such as pitching and flipping. It may be unbelievable, but the violent power of super monsters will momentarily fly the guides and as a result, they will break up the rods and even cut the lines. In order to make it “Tirant HD” was born. Strength and durability that do not disturb the forceful and vigorous approach to Ultra Cover. Extreme heavy duty. Double-wrapped Fuji stainless steel frame double-footed SiC guide with metallic blue to emphasize Tyrant HD ○ strength. O Built-in balancer at grip end, equipped with metallic blue end plate.

70 of Kikumoto. This is a rod to catch the Decabass. Toshifumi Kikumoto “The Explosion. He asked for the strength and durability of the actual battle, like the TR FR and Tyrant HD, rather than the numerical lightness. The 1.5 202 class Big Bait or S, which is lighter than the TR FR. All stainless steel double foot SIC guide which does not require continuous use of heavy lures such as torque system, torque full & smooth and powerful blanks Big bait which put a spin system bait of 3/4 oz or more on a rod and carry it freely and control it freely. A guide setting with an all-double-wrapped set in. Kazuya Shimada in 2005, with the strongest setting of this explosion and Timberflash Jr. The black & blue spirited looks are proof of the Kikumoto model. Fuji stainless steel frame double foot SIC guide double-wrapping with metallic blue. ○ Original grip end shape adopted. O grip is removable

70 of the Mori3. He is a three-model detonator Shimizu Sumi: Ultra heavy cover compatible, pitch & flip rod. The real power comes from the tenacity that comes out on its own just by enduring the rod with the decabass hung at the back of the cover without breaking the bite. It is not the strength that comes from hardness, but the true torque that comes from tenacity and taper design that Morizo ​​sought is an itonator. Morizo ​​Shape’s cork short grip improves handling and keeps the blank length open. I really wanted Ultra Cover compatible, jig & Texas pitching rod. Dated Slow Roll and heavy-Carolina rig with the all-double-footed stainless steel frame SIC guide of circumferential strength not to realize the performance that reliably catches the excellent flight distance and bite. The meaning of the real power sought by a heavy spinner. OFU stainless frame double foot SIC guide mounted. O metallic red & gold thread adoption. ○ Grip end has a built-in balancer, equipped with metallic red end plate.O Morizo ​​shape cork grip adopted ○ Grip is a formula.

tough. strongest. Power game, one and only to Big Bait. Takumi Kikumoto’s legendary swordsman TR-FR. Control the big bait freely and keep throwing without worrying about breakage. Accurate cast accuracy. Ease of linening and tighter lure course ease. And this rod has the ability to catch the Decabas without cutting the bite. In the Frog game, it is possible to make hooking at a long distance and exert the power and torque that can be gathered all at once. The grip end shape is a function-oriented design that was conceived to firmly cast the super heavyweight lure and to reduce the pain to the flank during pumping during a fight in a frog game. The guide system is a tough stainless steel frame, a double foot guide all double-wrapped, and a tough-play design. Japan Record Achievement Rod (8,620 g Angler Kazuya Shimada). ○ In order to emphasize the strength, the original setting by double lapping the Full stainless steel frame double foot SiC guide. O Original grip end shape adopted. ○ The grip is removable.

The ideal flip sought by Morizo. An extremely “strong” flipping rod produced by Shimizu Morizo, who is turning around the US tour. Long blanks and short cork grips for enhanced operability, enabling long-range presentations. The tip section that does not flip the part is not a fast taper but adopts a straight smooth stabler that embodies the experience and know-how of Mori3. The strong berry ~ butt section is full of extremely persistent power that the expression torque rather than stiff is perfect. Condensing elements required for the flipping rod only known to those who experienced the heavy cover of the home. Ultra heavy cover It hangs down in the deepest part, and it does not say presence or absence, it drags it out. The real flipping rod that Shun Shimizu sought. That is “Morizo ​​flip. OPE compatible MN top + LC guide original flipping setting. O Built-in balancer at grip end, metallic red end plate mounted. O Morizo ​​shape cork grip adopted. ○ the grip is removable.