To make the rod easy and supple will make the casting rod, which is located above the blank and forced to operate momentarily, more pronounced the fatal phenomenon. That is the “rod’s laughter”, which plays as large as the rod tip draws an arc from side to side at the time of sudden hooking. The biggest feature of the Crossfire series is, in a nutshell, the material and taper design that eliminates the eccentricity of the blank that causes the sharp laugh of the rod in the unique taper design and the uniformity of the internal structure of the blank. By the balance of and to the sharp twist in all directions, extremely straight and smooth tip bending, return tracking is realized. It is this basic performance of the most important blanks that minimize the loss of hooking power, such as hooking and casting, and enlarges the sweet spot at the time of quick motion so that this obediently obedient and restorability are minimized. The Crossfire Series is a tournament professional’s specialty but results equally well to all anglers. It became a rod that improves the skill according to the level. The worn-out words, “versatile”, can not be told. When you speak the word “versatile” easily, please realize that it is the best title given only to the rod of the ideal which raised it to the ultimate.

■ Titanium Frame SiC Guide
Fuji titanium frame SiC guide adopted. The tip section has an ultra-small diameter single foot that improves sensitivity and helps reduce weight and increase balance, and the butt section is also set with an ultra-lightweight small diameter double foot guide according to the purpose of the rod.
■ MN Top & LDB Guide System
The TXFC-66L / Quad Twister features a crossfire spiral guide system. Contained in the limit the “laugh of the tap” at the time of hooking that was the deadly wound of the soft tap rod. Furthermore, the tip section adopts the MN top & LDB guide system that eliminates tip wrapping.
■ Titanium Colored ECS Reel Seat
Slim and lightweight, easy to hold in common with the Temjin series, and a blank Tachi-type Fuji ECS reel sheet that emphasizes sensitivity above all. The titanium color coating matched to the hardware produces a high texture.
■ EVA Separate Grip
The high-quality EVA separate grip adoption of the special shape which the positioning of a finger becomes settled firmly is adopted. Not only does it improve operability, it also contributes to weight reduction.
■ Separate Grip Shaft
The shaft of the separate grip adopts a woven cloth that is resistant to impact, making it flexible for hard use.
■ Original Grip End Plate
The grip end is equipped with an end plate designed with a temgin cross fire and an evergreen logo to indicate the quality.

Crossfire Series Model Notes
Savannah Hunter, Heavy Duty Short Versatile. Cross Fire Short Length HD (Heavy Duty) Versatile Model. Cross fire formula is used to take in the tough tenacity and stiffness of Meimei Inspire Gazelle, and to create a hybrid that incorporates the tear and lightness of Temuzin Gazelle. The range of weight correspondence from light to heavy grade is extremely wide, and the first action without peculiarity does not choose the user from beginner to professional class. Among the Crossfire series, Pantera is a model that supports everything from jig worms, metal baits to tops, jerk baits, cranks, and spinner baits in surprisingly high dimensions. Proper use is focused on handling by length. As the name suggests, it is a tough rod that specializes in active close combat, with emphasis on maneuverability and rapidity, such as jungle areas and closed areas. ○ Use Kevlar Graphite Cross Prepreg as the outermost layer of the grip shaft to emphasize strength.

A spiral shaker that combines the fineness of spinning with the strength of bait. Quad Twister is the only specialty rod in the Crossfire series. Warming & jigging rod with extra first taper and extra soft tip, with delicate operation and penetration ability like spinning rod. Soft tip bait rod Fatal wound Extreme tip laugh when hooking, adopted the Crossfires viral system that completely confines the metallic line noise generated by rubbing the blanks. In addition, the MN top & LDB guide system, which eliminates tip wrapping due to frequent line twists in down shots, etc., is adopted for the tip part, and the operability of the slack line is dramatically improved in combination with the downward guide. It is a model that can obtain an overwhelming advantage in metal jigging that can attack delicate worming with a focus on shaking and verticals. ○ We adopt spiral guide system which twisted original guide becoming name origin 1/4 turn ○ We adopt MN top & LDB guide system which eliminates tip wrapping in tip part.

Speedster with an unmatched spot shoot ability. Steed’s greatest feature is its ability to maximize the ability to shoot in the distance, spot shooting ability from a distance, and high degree of difficulty in reverse position. Blanks are steeds that have a rather parabolic impression, but this model is the one that expresses the most robust and robust characteristics of cross fire torque. Steed’s request is an excellent cast accuracy performance that leads light and medium weight lures to pin spots as they pass through the needle hole from a distance. In particular, you can feel the height of the ability in the cast power of 5 to 12g class in backhand and circle cast. The action is slightly hard bait-oriented, but it is a lightweight lightweight bike that demonstrates the goodness of light texas, light jigs and swimming worms. It can be said that the action is also the best for top water.

Completely trained wild stallion, cross fire flagship model. Crossfire series flagship model “Stallion: Stallion was originally developed as a Texas specialty with a soft bite ability, but its tip-berry suppleness, high elasticity left by the crossfire process. The strength of the bat later made it into a solid position as a very broad heavyweight versatile, regardless of hard or soft. From a Texas rig to a 3/4 ounce jig, 2 ounce class big bait, deep crank, double swirl, and all ripper bait, with a short grip for handling, with a practically effective length of 7 feet class. Heavyweight Realva It is Satairu.