Glass rod which is said to be synonymous with flexibility and flexibility. Here again the crossfire concept is more important than carbon rods. The more flexibility you put out, the more you laugh at the fiery tips that come as a reaction, and the lack of control ability due to body shake. In order to solve this problem, the Crossfire series glass rod adopts glass sheet of single direction fiber (unidirection), and furthermore, eccentricity is controlled to the limit by thoroughly equalizing resin unevenness peculiar to glass material. . We have succeeded in making the blanks of the highest peak glass with high latency without laughter, high waist and sensitivity. The low resilience chip & berry, which is not soft in appearance but follows the load in practice, should have a clear difference from the conventional glass in casting accuracy and in hooking once it is used.

■ Titanium Frame SiC Guide
Fuji titanium frame SiC guide adopted. The tip section has an ultra-small diameter single foot that improves sensitivity and helps reduce weight and increase balance, and the butt section is also set with an ultra-lightweight small diameter double foot guide according to the purpose of the rod.
■ Original Shaped Cork Grip
The rear grip center has been slightly shaved to improve not only the weight but also the holdability and operability balance.
■ Titanium Colored ECS Reel Seat
A slim, lightweight, easy-to-hold and common-use Fuji ECS reel seat with an exposed blank that emphasizes sensitivity. The titanium color paint that matches the hardware produces a high quality.
■ Original Grip End Plate
The grip end is equipped with an end plate designed with a temgin cross fire and an evergreen logo to indicate the quality.

Crossfire Glass Series Model Notes
Fast moving lure compatible with a wide range. A versatile Torke model. A medium to small size cover crank, spinner bait, vibration, a torque rod that covers a wide range of fast moving lures such as top plugs in general, while having a wide versatility as the name implies. Fast-moving versatile material that can express high-level, low-resilience and high-following ability specific to the load according to the load, while leaving the waist, which is the key to operability, by the cross-fire method. It has high weight handling ability in the direction of the military, and covers a wide range of scrolls from lightweight plugs of 1/8 oz class to big baits near 1 oz. It is a model that demonstrates extremely superior accuracy ability for spot shooting from a short distance of a lightweight lure, and it is most effective for casting aiming from all directions so as to carefully put together a targeted structure. It is also suitable for machine gun casts because of its light weight and good handling.

Heavyweight fast moving bar satellite glass. As the name suggests, it specializes in “heavy scrolls”, especially when 3/8 to 3 / 4-ounce spinner bait is long throw & fast retrieve to search a large glass area at a stretch, or a crank flat on a rock flat with Oda bond He excels in his ability to search without hesitation. It feels like a surprisingly hard setting for a glass when it is handed, but this is an actual game assuming cut-off ability with weed flat, kneeling of pig deep crank, and heavy exchange with thick line with heavy cover crank. Setting. The low resilience follow-up characteristic according to the load that is unique to Cross Fire Glass makes it possible to demonstrate unsurpassed evasion power and vacuum performance in real battles. It also has a high response to Big Woodbait, and while it is a heavyweight rod, it delivers amazing accuracy for backhand casting.