Power finesse, directly translating “powerful fine technique” This contradictory word is the phrase of the era of birth of the eraser, coined as the concept by Imakawa. This word, now being described as a state-of-the-art power spinning technique, has become so popular in bath fishing as it changes the image of spinning significantly. As a trump card for the tournament rod, in 2000, we asked the world for the aerial high performance that inherited the famous aerial, and at the same time we announced the original power fineness rod eraser, the Firangi, the sky master aiming at the middle layer swimming, and then the solid aerial series, We have enhanced the steel wall defenders to further finesse such as aerial level stroke. And brush up all items further in 2006. The new model features the “Perfect Tennessee Grip,” which has a simple, lightest, lightest, and perfect hold, and the “Separate Long Grip,” which offers lightweight yet powerful operability, according to the model’s characteristics. In addition, it created the first coup of the Bath rod that adopted the special guide system for the complete support of the Floro & PE, which captured the sanctuary that was deemed impossible by spinning as the attack range. The attack power is no longer staying in the spinning area, and continues to evolve into more powerful and finesse. The Temujin Spinning Series, with the defense and defense of the fine-grained iron wall that everyone recognizes, as well as the destructive ability of a counter-killer. It is the highest pitch spinning spin rod for top anglers that require the highest level of finesse in practice. Artistic aggression hidden in the defense of the steel wall.


■ Titanium Frame SiC Guide
Fuji titanium frame SiC guide adopted. Equipped with an ultra-lightweight small diameter single foot model. Unique best setting to extend sensitivity and flight distance.
※ Excluding some models

■ Titanium Frame SiC Guide
TMJS-63MH / Spin Cobra adopts the MN top & LDB guide system which eliminates the entanglement of the line in the tip part in consideration of use in the PE line and dramatically improves operability of the slack line

■ Color Thread
The solid aerial series of the same length allow identification of the type by the thread color of the butt part. ULMX has metallic green, metallic blue for SLMX and metallic red thread for LMX.

■ Perfect Tennessee Straight Grip
Evergreen original reel seat that embodies the operability of the outstanding group in the simple, most sensitive Perfect Tennessee Straight Grip.
※ Excluding some models.

■ E.G.Original Spinning Reel Seat
The Solid Aerial Series is equipped with Evergreen original reel seats that minimize the discomfort that comes with the hand and embodies outstanding operability in a slim taper Straight Grip.

■ IPS Reel Seat
TMJS-63MH / Spin Cobra, TMJS-64L / Skymaster LV, TMJS-66ML / Blush Stinger has an established reputation for gripping and operability in the cork sevalate grip of the original shape that combines handling and lightening. Equipped with IPS reel seat. The winding check is equipped with metal connectors of gun metallic and champagne gold. The shaft of the separate grip uses a graphite cross that is resistant to impact.

■ IPS Reel Seat
TMJS-60ULX / Aerial level stroke, equipped with Fuji IPS reel sheet with a reputation for gripping and operability, in a slim taper lock separate grip that is easy to lose power. It is a special setting to bring out the natural upper and lower wave action without force. The shaft of the separate grip uses impact-resistant graphite cloth.

■ Original Grip End Plate
The grip end is fitted with an end plate designed with an evergreen logo to indicate quality.

Model Notes Spinning Series

TMJS-60UL The “Aerial”
Timeless memorial, aerial. A legendary masterpiece created by Katsutaka Ima, Inspire Aerial is completely restored with the latest blanks technology from the 21st century. Following the variable-taper action of the original Aerial, which has become synonymous with modern spinning as well, it is light and highly sensitive. The grip is also simple and most sensitive, using the hard cork Perfect Tennessee Straight, which makes it compatible with any rig with the same feeling. The aerial traditional short grip style further improves the light handling and sharp sharpness like the atmosphere. Combined with tournament specialties and aerial high performance, it will be one of the dual wall of versatile spinning rods that can cover all of the spinning strategies to high level from field to high peak tournament. ○ Simple and most sensitive, Bar-Tennes-Tennes straight grip fitted.

TMJS-60L The “Aerial High Performance”
Steel wall protection, high performance. Insular Aerials, a rare masterpiece that became explosively popular in 1961 with the Katsura Ima classic conquering and became the charismatic mouth of the current spinning rod. As a result of building up and training on this name piece, it has become possible to acquire lighter and sharper power and more torque. Just like a fingertip, it feels like it can handle lightweight lure at will, it does not give a sense of incongruity to the bath, and is a high-potential to bring to hooking firmly with a short stroke. Furthermore, it has belly power which does not allow the initiative even for bass more than 50cm, and light jig head, down shot not to mention no sinker, split shot, light rig such as 1/16 to 1 / 80z class such as light Texas in high dimension It is possible to cover. A spinning rod that delivers revolutionary technological advances to anglers who are not good at light rigs. ○ A simple, most sensitive, perfect TN Straight grip attachment.

TMJS-60ML The “Eraser”
Power finesse, eraser. “Power finesse” which pushes power game with delicate rig and aims at kicker fish. The first action variable taper rod eraser developed to catch fish that can not be captured by ordinary times, which is a crystal of contradiction. No sinker worm The delicacy that can be manipulated freely and the lightness that accurately measures the slack of the 4 pound line, a strong bat that is the opposite element. And castability that can easily feed the super lightweight lure that will be the largest weapon to the pin spot. Tip sense is aerial, but the power of the bat can be done from gazelle class, no sinker worm to 7g class Texas rig, and long cast jerk bait such as sledge series etc., it is possible to make hard lure in the deep even dart hard. A specialty rod that is absolutely essential to the current Big Bass aim, it’s an eraser O Simple and most sensitive, the perfect Tennessee Straight Grip.

TMJS-64L The “Sky Master SV”
A champion of the air battle with long throw ability. Skymaster who established the times as a pioneer of middle class swimming technique. As the name of the champion of the hollow shows, it is a special model for level stroke (parallel swimming) that reels with a constant rhythm while continuing swinging the rod vertically with a constant rhythm. Renewed version of Skymaster’s Skymaster LV “The blanks action with reputation has been maintained, but the reel set position has been changed, and the grip length and shape have been upgraded to make it possible to keep the tip swinging lighter and more comfortable. Therefore, while having the same blanks, we have succeeded in dramatically improving the sense of operation so as to create an illusion of completely different rods at the moment of holding.Of course, versatile power as versatile spinning, super sledge etc. The maneuverability of the small jerk bait has also been further improved: the most versatile universal model in the series while being a dedicated model, the one that completely surpasses Skymaster as Skymaster, that is Skymaster LV. ○ Handling and weight reduction Cork SEBA rate grip both the original shape, mounted loaded with Fuji IPS reel seat with a reputation for gripping property operability.

TMJS-64ML The “Firangi”
Special Forces, Philangi. The essence of power finesse is to take advantage of the fine feel of the spinning tackle while maintaining the power of the bait tackle. Philangi has an operation feeling that can manipulate the no sinker worm at will, castability that shoots accurately from a long distance, and an offset hook style set to a big worm, with a strong hooking response that is no different. In addition, by reducing the diameter of the butt guide, it reduces the impact on the guide when the line is released, contributing to the increase in the flight distance of the lightweight lure. Special abilities such as a long distant snow sinker using a fluoro carbon line in a heavy weed area, a cover finesse that sends a light rig to a complicated intertwined cover that will win on a spinning gear, a long jerk bait long cast and a hard jerk in a deep To the limit. Simple and most sensitive, the Perfect Tennessee Straight Grip.

TMJS-63MH The “Spin Cobra”
Cobra dressed in spinning clothes. A new generation power finesse standard that cuts through the heavy cover. Spin cobra that debuted in 2005 as a new pronoun of Power Finesse. The combination of a large caliber butt guide system that does not kill the flying distance of a hard fluorocarbon line of 6 pounds or more and an MN top + LDB guide system that eliminates tip wrapping that is a crying spot of soft PE. Spin cobra is the first spinning bass rod that can use both lines without difficulty and adopts a guide system compatible with Fluoro & PE lines, and further features the blanks of the Meito Cobra as it is. This rod can not easily fit into a spinning rod. You should call it a bait rod covered with the skin of a spinning rod. Think of it as a bait rod with a spinning reel that can easily throw away 1 to 14 g of lure without problems, and pull up the distance from Hisimo or Laydown very easily. From land to tournaments, it is extremely widely adapted by the needs of the angler. Also known as “Pitchin Spin” among Toner Mentors, it is often used to attack a super lightweight cover of a lightweight rubber jig. O Equipped with Fuji IPS reel sheet with a reputation for gripping and operability, in an original shape cork separate grip that balances both O handling and weight reduction. ○ We adopt the MN top & LDB guide system which eliminates the binding of the line in the tip part and dramatically improves the operability of the slack line.

TMJS-66ML The “Brushstinger”
Versatile power finesse rod in the new era Power finesse new dimension rod brush stinger to be developed as the latest model in 2006. This rod follows the spin cobra system fully compatible with the Floro & PE line, and further adds 1 class of ultra-light rubber jig A model that specializes in sniver performance that easily throws away and shoots with astonishing accuracy. Of course, it is not as good as a spin cobra, but it also has the power and torque of a bait rod as well as the interaction with the big fish in the cover. It is a new era of Versatile Power Finesse Rods that treats the under 1g light rubber jig, which is the most noted as a tournament skill, at will without stress, and also captures hard mining and no sinkers. O handling and Equipped with a Fuji IPS reel sheet with a reputation for gripping operability in a cork separate grip that balances the amount of warping ○ Eliminates entanglement of the line in the tip section and MN dramatically improves the operability of the slackline We adopt top & LDB guide system.

TMJS-60ULX The “Aerial Level Stroke”
Cover contact swimming special forces. Ultra-lightweight operability and high sensitivity that is unique to tubular that make full use of the low elasticity tubular blanks only in the spinning series. Aerial level strokes use contacts to covers that require a light hang-up and turn-off, such as deep locks, wood stamps, and pea labels, while maintaining stealth feel that minimizes the presence of people on the bath It is a high sensitivity level (parallel) swimming rod that makes you feel tired. Adopts a slim taper-up lock grip for easy removal of power on the aerial level stroke. This is a special setting for bringing out the natural continuous upper and lower wave action. In addition, level strokes correspond widely to advanced tournament techniques such as no sinkers under extremely severe conditions, down shots from 1/64 to 1/16 oz classes, and Wacky rigs. ○ We adopt slim-taper up lock separate grip which power is easy to lose.

TMJS-60ULMX The “Solid Aerial ULMX”
The best stealth feeling. ULMX, an ultra-light down shot & ultra-light wacky rig special rod, with the most distinctive feature of a solid, all over the top. A tournament pro model that fully demonstrates the characteristics of a solid aerial that enables lucid action that eliminates irritability, such as continuous shaking at pinbo points and waving shaking while generating a slackline with a large vertical shake. It is designed for flat area capture at super high-pressure tournament lakes, with flexible and tenacious solid blanks, 2-3 pound lines, mass hands, and fine wire hooks. Specially designed for ultra-light rigs, the all-solid hall body suspension effect clears the strong pull of a large small mouse bath over 45 cm in a 2.5-lb line without difficulty. It is a super lightweight design that does not seem to be a solid rod. ○ The Solid Aerial Series includes an Evergreen original reel seat that minimizes discomfort and harmonium in the hands and realizes outstanding operability and comfort so that a ○ type can be identified. It has a metallic blue thread.

TMJS-60SLMX The “Solid Aerial SLMX”
Versatile Solid SLMX. Solid Aerial SLMx is an ultra-lightweight, highly sensitive model that gives the Taber design a slightly sharper tension and operability with basic characteristics unique to solid. This model is compatible with rigs that require a slight hooking force, such as light wire jig head swimming, wacky rigs and no sinker worms with soft guards, and down shots with light wire small offset hooks. The SLMX is designed taking into consideration various situations encountered with shallow water, such as operability around a light cover such as a small amount of weed or lock area, etc. In addition, it is 10m deep in small mouse fishing, etc. High sensitivity design that further improves the operability of An ultra-lightweight, highly sensitive solid rod with an extended range that can be applied to area fishing and trout with very small plugs. ○ SLMX has a metallic green thread to identify the type.

TMJS-60LMX The “Solid Aerial LMX”
Power solid model LMX. When there is no space in a normal attack, such as a reservoir with a lot of standing trees and a lake with many weeds, it is a trump card power solid model LMX that corresponds to when you need a force to really dig in around obstacles. It is the series strongest model which adopted taper design which enhanced the hooking ability to strong all solid blanks while being thin and lightweight. It has the tenacious toughness of Inspire and Aerial giving away, utilizing the all-solid hall body suspension effect. Regular Tokai fishing with a regular size jig head, dragging with a flat deep, slightly heavy down shot with fish reef etc., 1 / 16-on swackie rig of 6 inchworm, and other super-sled class jerk bait twisting It also corresponds widely. ○ LMX has a metallic red thread to identify the type.

TMJS-61SUL The “Spider”