Extremely delicate operation. For example, ultra-fine long shakes can be performed freely with either rod body vertical or horizontal. Even in continuous use with intense twitch & jerk, a feeling of operation that is comfortable without fatigue with extremely natural and fit feeling of grip. The tactics spinning series with original reel seat thoroughly developed grip shape and developed the finesse grip which becomes natural regardless of the positioning of the index finger. The ultra-lightweight and high-balance design succeeded in obtaining an operation feeling that can be realized as “can you be so different?” It covers an extremely wide range of situations at a high level. Never make the technique difficult. Win tough conditions. Win the tournament. And enjoy the land. Tactics spinning series. Correspond to a wide range of situations in high dimensions. Win tough conditions.

■ Champagne Gold Winding Check
A beautiful champagne gold winding check that produces the pleasure owned by the angler amplifies the signal of the light and high sensitivity blanks and plays an important role as a signal booster that instantly transmits to the hand.
■ Power Finesse Grip
The powerful model TCSS-66M / Super Scout Master, TCSS-70L / Fortune Blue in the Tactics Spinning Series, Big Fish compatible, Power Finesse, with excellent hooking performance in drop shot rigs and football jigs at Ultra Deep Equipped with a grip. TCSS-70L / Fortune Blue is EVA specification.
■ E.G. Original Spinning Reel Seat
It is an original reel seat full of a sense of fit developed by Evergreen. By minimizing the discomfort to the hand, and unrivaled exceptional operability and comfort embodied. In addition, cork grip shape called “finesse grip” not only makes it lighter, but also makes it easier to make delicate rod work.
■ Titanium Frame SiC Guide
Fuji titanium frame SIC guide adopted. Adopts the super light leaf small diameter single foot model for all models. The rod specs make the original setting to maximize the rod performance.
■ BONANZA Coating
By coating the blanks with Bonanza, water stains are kept out, and fine tones are shut out. Prevents line coloration and improves rod operability.
■ TACTICS Original Grip End Plate
The grip end is fitted with an end plate designed with quality tactics and an evergreen logo.

Spinning Series Model Notes
Outstanding operability for jerks & twists. Regular taper design that draws a bend curve that is extremely smooth and has no stagnation for all light rigs. The cast performance that can be shot without stress as it aims at small minnows, suspend shads, no sinkers, etc. that are difficult to cast lightly. And material and Taper design, fine finesse grip, brings excellent operability in Titch & Jerk, brings life to the lure. Ultra-light gear with an emphasis on casting that supports a wide range of small suspend plug light rigs in general.

The power of wringing performance and fine vibration created by Extra First Taper. Manipulate ultralight rigs such as 1/32 to 1/8 oz class jig head rigs, 1/16 to 3/16 oz class drop shots, split shots, and Wacky rigs with a nail sinker inserted. At the same time, the power butt section, which weaves an extra soft tip that doesn’t loosen mistakes, and an exquisite harmony, makes it possible to deliberately keep the rig moving with the weed, rig to the obstacle, and apply a slight shaking. The 64 “length, but with the exquisite high balance and light weight both the fine operability equivalent to a 6-foot rod and the hooking performance taking advantage of the length. Light rig special that gives excellent feeling of operation with both vertical and horizontal lines.

Super Versatile Spinning. Lighter. More strongly. Let’s go higher. A versatile Super Versatile Spinning Rod that inherits the tradition of the original Combat Stick Spitfire “Insbias Perth Pitfire”. In addition to ultra-lightweight high-balance, far-off performance is dramatically improved. Not only high-dimensional wide-area compatible with any light rig, but also excellent performance for small shads and miner jars. Its sensitivity flying distance control performance operability. And above all, the power to reliably guide and catch the big fish has become suitable for inheriting the name of “Spitfire.”

Chikara squirming, Chikara to catch. The extra-first strength that beats tough. Extra first taper pro model similar to 64UL. 6’6 “length, high-dimensional support for dragging and dragging during ultra-slow conditions. Magic for licking with Carolina Rig, split shot drop shot, jig head rig, smooth tip like a worm The ability to suck in. Stability and operability in a series of fine shakes with the rod tip facing down. A strong torque-ful butt section that reliably controls the pig fish with the light line. Toshifumi Kikumoto’s finesse middle class swimming special rod at the time of exhibiting.

I get a big fish. Powerful model with Power Finesse grip. The most powerful model in the Tactics Spinning series. Valkynno Sinker, Wright Texas, CC. The high response power that can handle suspension plugs cast normally with a bait tackle in trouble shooting with hooking performance and high landing rate in cover capture by Round Wiedless etc. and the power to catch decabass is the best in the series or Ultra Deep Outstanding for hooking performance in drop shot rigs and football jigs, Big Fish compatible, super sensitive model. ○ Equipped with Bower finesse grip.

Astonishing long cast performance. Light rig special. Seki Kagaku model. Seki Kazunshi Produce Fortune Blue. With a punk fishing in mind, this 7-foot spinning has been developed for high-level response to light rigs in general. Amazing long cast performance that is an absolute advantage. The drastic decrease in rooting rate achieved by not adopting the extreme first taper action. The concept of Kanwa, who is a top tuna mentor and loves land more than anything, is included in this fashion blue. The thread of blue & gold pin strike live shines on a brilliant black shaft. The first high-density EVA grip of the Tactics Spinning series is adopted. Kanwa’s claim is put there. Not only bank fishing wide area correspondence, performance as a boat fishing and a carolina rig rod in a tournament also stand out. Equipped with OEVAJ power finesse grip. O metallic blue & gold thread adoption. ○ grip is removable.