Big bass model compatible with over 50 cm, equipped with a tough butt Solid Tip Designo.

Mach S-1 is not a low-resin pure carbon, but a composite of carbon tubular blanks with a little “fat” and a solid tip with Yuki Kamiya’s sensibilities.

The most important tip section is equipped with a non-threaded ultra-light plastic guide and ultra-light top guide in order to preserve the delicacy of the ultra-fine solid blank.

The Mach S-1’s biggest features are its slightly taut solid tip and tough butt blank. This is a solid tip spinning finesse rod that can catch big bass near cover, and has the power to boldly attack bass hideouts such as standing trees, bush covers, and structures, hook them, and then rip them off.

It has both the blank power that allows a small rubber jig with a guard to penetrate the thick upper jaw of a big bass, and the castability that allows you to send a 1/64oz class ultra-light lure to the pin spot behind the cover.

A solid tip that sends the super finesse rig into the gap in the cover and delicately invites it. A powerful tubular bat blank that won’t give up control to the big bass you hook.

The Mach S-1, which exhibits unparalleled operability even in suspended shading, opens up a new era of finesse fishing.