Equipped with ultra-light guide & solid tip, new dimension spinning

The royal road of finesse, Mach M-1, is not made of low-resin pure carbon, but a solid tip composited with carbon tubular blanks that intentionally leave some “fat” with Yuki Kamiya’s sensitivity. The most important tip section is a delicate ultra-fine solid blank. Equipped with a non-threaded ultra-light plastic guide and ultra-light top guide in order to maintain its properties. Castability that takes full advantage of the flexibility of a solid material, allowing you to easily cast an ultra-lightweight rig of about 1/64 oz to the spot.

The unique bend curve provides more than enough power for a finesse rod in the belly-to-butt section, providing precise operability in deep ranges and the highest sensitivity for accurately detecting bottom material and structure.

The Mach M-1 has a sensitive tip that can handle ultra-light rigs and a strong bat that can fight evenly with big bass. This is a model that stands out in terms of versatility among the Dejino Spinning Finesse series, and is perfect for not only limit making in the highest tournaments, but also for private land use. The Mach M-1, where you can enjoy the essence, pioneers the next generation of spinning finesse.