Micro guide & spiral guide adopted, bait finesse shaking special.

A shaking specialty rod that has evolved from the famous Quad Twister rod in terms of bait finesse. Equipped with a unique full tubular blank in the bait finesse series, and a spiral and micro guide for vertical shaking in deep water and deep into cover . A spiral guide system that allows the blank to easily follow casts and shakes, as well as sudden hook sets.

Newly adopted small diameter, ultra-lightweight micro guide that provides material grasp that is essential for deep shaking and blank sensitivity to detect ultra-short bites.

A bait finesse shaking special rod with high versatility that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from deep water vertical shaking to shallow cover shooting, from small rubber jigs to no-sinker worm skipping, down shot shaking, and almost any other vertical rod use. Fully compatible with bait finesse fishing, Kaleido Designo “Quad Light” opens up a new realm of bait tackle shaking.