Combat Stick Kaleido Designo Mach L-1

Capture the keeper in any situation! The last guardian deity essential to the tournament appears.

The lightest Mach L-1 is now available in the Kaleido Designo series, which was jointly developed with the rare tuner Yuki Kamiya.

Even in situations where angler pressure is at its maximum, such as in tournaments, or in tough conditions such as a sudden drop in water temperature, the automatic action that allows the rod to “shake itself” reduces angler fatigue and allows fishing to be carried out for long periods of time. By enabling a certain rhythm of action, you can squeeze out tough bass.

The biggest feature of the L-1 is its ultra-sensitive solid tip. An ultra-light plastic guide and an ultra-light top guide are attached with non-threading so as not to impair the delicacy of the ultra-fine solid tip.

Castability that takes advantage of the flexibility of a solid tip that allows you to throw a 1/64 oz ultra-light rig into the spot at will, maneuverability in a deep range of over 10m, and a solid tip that allows you to instantly identify the bottom material. It has both overwhelming sensitivity.

In addition, by setting the butt guide in the opposite direction, the line released during casting is prevented from coming into contact with the guide’s foot, which greatly increases the long casting power especially for the ultra-lightweight lures often used with L-1.

Under the intense pressure of top tournaments, when you absolutely have to catch one more keeper, the Designo Mach L-1 will be the last thing anglers can rely on, and it will be their absolute guardian angel.