Triggerless & solid tip, the Sting Ray 66 is the core model of Designo bait finesse

The core of the bait finesse series is a professional model equipped with a solid tip and fully equipped with Katsutaka Imae specifications.It has improved casting accuracy and range, which are the most important issues in bait finesse techniques, and is equipped with a solid tip for easy casting and power.
Most of the situations where bait finesse is used are around some kind of cover such as bushes or laydowns, so in order to win the tournament, Stingray 66 chose a delicate bait with weight that could hold a lightweight lure firmly. Solid tip and “after hooking”.

The solid tip has the unique flexibility that prevents the bass hooked in the cover from going wild, while also maintaining the tremendous torque that pulls it into a safe zone, while also balancing it with ultra-lightweight lure casting. We chose the 6 feet 6 inch length, which is the longest balance limit that allows for room for both.


The most important thing in modern tournaments is to shoot an ultra-lightweight rig from 1/32 oz into cover from a long distance and take the lead the moment you hook it. The rod that has perfected the bait finesse technique near cover is the “venomous stingray spine” Stingray 66.