Blue Meister 7LTS

  • concept

Continue to shoot, feel, and catch accurately.
7 feet of different dimensions, mid heavy rod for competition.

Blue Meister 7LTS

Blue Meister 7LTS, the original racing model for Blue Meister 7 . By thoroughly tuning up the original model, we gained lightness, balance, sensitivity, and torque of different dimensions. Extends the bat’s Hercules Cross 4-axis reinforcement and unsands the tip to the bat. This is a common feature of the Hercules Seven Footer LTS series.

In addition, by adding semi-micro guides to multiple points, matching the bend curve of the blank, and placing the original guide in the bat direction, the instantaneous force can be dispersed and received by the entire blank. Increased power and torque to the maximum.

In addition, foregripless, blank touch reel seat. By using separate grips, we have gained a tremendous lightness, that is, a true lightness when casting and operating a lure through the line, and a stress-free balance.

This balance makes it possible to comfortably cast lighter rigs with MH power. For example, it is now possible to continue shooting the snagless neko rig cover in a higher dimension, and pull it out of the cover, as well as the back slide worm no sinker, the light Texas rig centered on 3.5-5g and Zerodan. .

In addition, the seven footer and long length make the hitting point higher, and at the same time the advantage of dragging the bus from the cover at the same time. I also adjusted the lure course with line mending and had the effect of facilitating tight attacks.

Of course, long-throw performance is also improved. High-dimensional compatibility with swim baits such as buzz baits and head shakers that require distance. Even in the long cast and flow where line slack appears, the bite is clearly transmitted with an exquisite guide setting with very little blank power loss, and hooking is decided surely.

Light line to overcome human pressure and sudden weather changes, light weight lure accurately shot, freely manipulate, feel, hang and catch … Maximize the power and torque of the blank at the same time, lightness and sensitivity Racing model for competitions. That is Blue Meister 7LTS.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Texas rig / Leaderless drop shot rig / Snagless neko rig / No sinker rig / Heavy carolina rig / Shad tail worm swimming / Buzz bait / Spinner bait / Bladed jig / Metal vibration / Crank bait / Football jig / CC round / IR jig etc …

■ Hercules LTS concept is here

  • blank
    Based on the blue meister 7 blank, the 4-axis reinforcement is extended from the original guide to the next upper guide. We further refined the strong bat power. In addition, the blank above the bat adopts an unpainted unsand finish. We realize lightness and operability that we cannot think of 7 feet and contribute to improvement of sensitivity.
  • Guide system
    Adopts a unique semi-micro guide setting (all Fuji titanium frame SiC ring guides) with the former guide in front. This setting reduces the loss of bat power and makes full use of the potential of blanks. At the same time, lighter weight and higher sensitivity are realized with the smaller guide diameter.
  • Grip & reel seat
    EVA separate grip pursuing light weight & operability & durability. The foregrip has a simple structure with a 4-axis carbon sleeve for direct touch feeling and light weight. The reel seat adopts Fuji ACS with an offset design with improved gripping support such as main trigger and second trigger. The grip end is fitted with a combination color ring with Heracles’ initial H as a motif and a Hercules original end plate showing quality.