Beams inte 7.9UL

Total length: 236cm (7.9ft) Material: 4-axis carbon Guide: K guide titanium + stainless weight Weight: 124g Joint number: 3 pieces Last dimension: 95.5cm Tip diameter: 1.5mm Original diameter: 9.5mm Grip length: 41cm Luer weight: 1 ~ 10g Line: PE0.3 ~ 1 JAN code: 4571487900146 Price: 54,900 yen (+ tax)

Around the grip of Beams inte 7.9UL

[Grip circumference]
Original design of blank touch reel sheet and small aluminum fore grip for sensitivity-oriented design.

Beams inte 7.9UL blank color guide

[Blank Color Guide]
All K guides are made of titanium and stainless steel. Compatible with thin PE lines.


[Beams inte 7.9UL (Beams Inte)] A seaside light game using a micro lure that is even lower than the light lure. The weight is light and sometimes less than 1g. The partner who wears such a small lure is a strong guy trained in a fast current. The rockfish, horse mackerel, plating, grouper, black sea bream, and depending on the situation, even a ranker class seabass prey. I don’t know what will happen, but I have to confront it with a thin line. What if I use drag? No, as soon as the line is released, the game is over with a fast and strong dash and the game is over. All you need is a finesse line, with the power and action like cotton, with a minimum drag setting that lets you lift your opponent. The micro lure was thrown even in Beams7.0L and 7.6L that were once lined up. But it was too strong for the line. The line was losing to rod power. What I asked for “inte” was a Japanese style song, and it came back with a bend like a total number. Even in situations where you can’t get a line out, you can’t run any more with the torso and summing, thereby preventing line breaks. And by bending moderately, it can be pulled off from the structure and current without making the fish feel uncomfortable. A lure that weighs only a few grams will be thrown as far as possible, and without causing line troubles that cause twists and dandruff, you will be able to stand up comfortably against a once-in-a-lifetime ranker. I wanted to do that with a bait rod. Aggressive fishing that can only be done by bait tackle is perfect for micro games.