Throw from common seabass minnow to 2oz big bait


Total length: 244cm (8ft) Material: 4-axis carbon Guide: K guide titanium + stainless steel Weight: 203g Joint number: 3 pieces Last dimension: 93cm Tip diameter: 1.9mm Original diameter: 13.5mm Grip length: 48cm Lure weight: 10-45g Line: PE2-5 JAN code: 4571487900108 Price: 53,800 yen (+ tax)


[Grip part]
Fishman original rotary foregrip with aluminum shaving is the same size as Bender bar.This also prevents rattling when using large reels. Equipped with 4cm EVA under the trigger. This has an anti-slip effect. The DNA from Beams that can be thrown out for a day without losing its grip force also transplants the shape under the trigger.

Joint part of BRIST MARINO8.0M

[Joint part]
Blanks that coexist from high elasticity to low elasticity receive a hard impression when swinging, but they become sticky when thrown. The tip section is made of titanium to reduce the feeling of weight. The ring diameter is thicker and a thicker leader is possible.

Marino developed as a bait casting rod for boats. To use it comfortably, it had to be packed with the ability to fly the lure far away even in a narrow position. Carbon in the tip section to increase the power of the root and torso so that even if the stance is narrow and the swing width is small, the stickiness to bend is maximized, and the operability at the time of twitch is enhanced Wound thickly. As a result, it has become a setting that makes it easy to get a crisp action in a dolphin or green game. However, this performance was accepted by Shore Gamers in 2016. The stage of success spreads to surfs and rivers. In the fall river sea bass fishing, a big bait pin spot shoot and mass production of rankers.