4 piece storage for compact bait rods. Enter your carry-on suitcase or backpack

BC4 5.10 series

[Common to all three models] Total length: 181cm (5ft10inc) Material: 4-axis carbon Guide: K guide titanium + stainless steel Joint number: 4 pieces Finish dimension: 49cm Grip length: 41cm 
[LH] Weight: 136g Lure weight: 7-40g Line: PE1 ~ 5 JAN code : 4571487900153 / \ 47,800 (+ tax) 
[MXH] Weight: 143g Lure weight: 7 ~ 55g Line: PE1 ~ 8 JAN code: 4571487900160 / \ 48,800 (+ tax) 
[XH] Own weight: 167g Lure weight: 10-200g Line: PE3-10 No. JAN code: 4571487900160 / 49,800 yen (+ tax)

BC4 5.10 series grip

[Grip part]
Fishman original rotating foregrip with machined aluminum. Equipped with 4cm EVA under the trigger. This has an anti-slip effect. Since the flight distance is also 5.10 series, the end grip is easy to grip and thicker design. The DNA from Beams that can be thrown out for a day without losing its grip is also transferred to the shape under the trigger.

BC4 5.10 series joint

[Joint part] The
joint section is equipped with a 6cm thick reinforcing material on both the male and female sides. The color is different between the butt and tip. The bat has a deep wine red and the tip has an unsanded finish. By avoiding painting on the tip part, a slight feeling of weight was avoided.

Basic DNA is Brist 5.10 series. The number of sections to be strengthened increased from 3 to 4 and the tension was born. However, the element of “Turning hard, but Tsuyoshi” has been succeeded by the latest technology, and the flexibility has been kept. The new product, BC4, now has a count of XH. This is stronger than comodo. It is also ideal for pin-cast casts that use sticky waists such as big baits and big swishers, and deep cranks with heavy weight. Target the fish you want to peel off from the structure at the moment of bite, such as mangrove jacks, giant barramundi, pilaruk, papuan bass, etc. The BC4 series LH / MXH bends the body during a fight and absorbs shocks, but the XH has a core that remains in the extreme state. In addition, this length is difficult to think, but the flight distance has also increased incredibly. The BC series for travelers has a final dimension of 49cm, so it fits in backpacks and suitcases that can be carried onboard. 

– proper use of a guide – 
5.10LH ~ fish up to 5kg 
fish of up to 10Kg ~ 5.10MXH 
5.10XH ~ 10Kg more than 100kg fish