Since it is 3 pieces, it is compact when winding and storing.


Total length: 236cm (7.8ft) Material: 4-axis carbon Guide: K-guide titanium + stainless Weight: 173g Joint number: 3 pieces Last dimension: 93cm Tip diameter: 1.9mm Original diameter: 13.5mm Grip length: 41.5cm Lure weight: 7 ~ 30g Line: PE1.5 ~ 4 JAN code: 4571487900092 Price: 53,800 yen (+ tax)

Beams RIPLOUT 7.8ML Blanks Guide

[Blanks / Guide] Blanks with
high elasticity to low elasticity coexist with a hard impression when swinging, but notice a sticky waist when casting or hanging fish. Tip section is made of titanium to reduce the weight of the tip. The ring diameter is thick and a thick leader is possible.

Beams RIPLOUT 7.8ML joint

[Joint part]
RIPLOUT icon is engraved on all pieces. KIMOTSUKI spec stamp on the second piece.

Riplout = ripple out (Ripples spread) The midstream and upstream area of ​​the river mainstream where you can feel the sound of the birdsong and the murmur . That spear hits a strong flow of pressure. Trees and bamboo that fell from the eroded riverbank. I heard several flashy predatory sounds from the deepest part of the lay down. I know where it is, but I can’t get it. A light plug is required due to the size of the bait. The low ballistic cast of a 90mm floating minnow with a gachirod is a bit tough. If you only need to shoot, you can hold a soft trap, but how do you catch it? If you hang it, the fallen tree branch spreads in the water, and if you dodge it fortunately, can you stop the guy on the heavy pressure flow? Riplout is the answer Fishman gave to the dilemma. Fusing supple tips to berries with a strong bat from BRIST. Shoot the light plugs into the back of the laydown and roll the monsters around. If a small hook extends, it will not be useful. The basic concept of the Fishman rod, “Pin shooting machine”, “Long-range gun”, and “Zero buckler” came into view as we sought out the performance. The latest Beams got the most Beams character. Despite the maniac concept, it created a friendliness that everyone could easily handle. Riplout was sharpened by Kagoshima’s first-class river, the “Monster Field of Frenzy”. KIMOTSUKI (liver genus) spec shakes stream monsters around the world.