Compact storage with 4 pieces. Enter your carry-on suitcase or backpack

BC4 6.10XH

Total length: 210cm (6ft10inc) Material: 4-axis carbon Guide: K guide titanium + stainless steel Weight: 196g Joint number: 4 pieces Last dimensions: 42.5cm Grip length: 56cm Lure weight: 10-150g Line: PE3-10 No. JAN code: 4571487900214 Price: 58,000 yen (+ tax)

BC4 6.10XH grip

[Grip part]
Fishman original rotating foregrip with machined aluminum. Equipped with 4cm EVA under the trigger. This has an anti-slip effect. The end grip is easy to grip and thicker.The DNA from Beams that can be thrown out for a day without losing its grip is also transferred to the shape under the trigger.

BC4 6.10XH joint

[Joint part]
Blanks that coexist from high elasticity to low elasticity receive a hard impression when swinging, but they become sticky when thrown. The tip section is made of titanium to reduce the feeling of weight. The ring diameter is thicker and a thicker leader is possible.

BC4 6.10XH enters the suitcase

the suitcase ] Can be easily stored in a 70-liter suitcase. 
* The bottom photo is the BC4 6.10XH grip.

The  liftable BC4 series of 50-90kg fish has the power of comodo, and it is now possible to approach big baits to distant points. With a length of nearly 7 feet dropped into a 4-piece BRIST concept, it is possible to go on a fishing trip without the need of a long rod case, even when entering the area where there was a lot of baggage trouble. Since the final size is 56cm, it is a bait rod for monster fish that can be carried in the backpack as well as a suitcase. Easy storage in a 75-liter suitcase.