Beams CRAWLA 6.6L +

Total length: 198cm (6.6ft) Material: 4-axis carbon Guide: K guide titanium + stainless weight Weight: 143g Joint number: 3 pieces Last dimensions: 75.7cm Grip length: 39cm Lure weight: 6-28g Line: PE1-3 JAN code : 4571487900184 Price: 47,800 yen (+ tax)

Beams CRAWLA 6.6L + grip area

[Grip circumference]
Sensitive metal fore grip. A reel seat with a narrow diameter, giving priority to throwing it for one day without losing its grip. 

[Blank color guide] The color of the
bat and tip is different. The bat has a deep wine red and the tip has an unsanded finish. By avoiding painting on the tip part, a slight feeling of weight was avoided. The guide is a K guide with titanium and stainless steel.

Boat sea bass and bass fishing can shoot 6g minnow with low bullet liner and tear off the ranker from the structure. The concept allows a light plug (6g) to be driven under an overhang with a low bullet liner, and invites a bite at the end of a complex structure that is submerged in water.There are sometimes big things lurking behind such points. A greedy rod that can be sent to the deepest part with more peace of mind if it is equipped with bat power that allows you to peel off the unexpected big game from the structure. The concept itself is similar to the BRIST series, but the difference is that light lures are easier to handle.In order to be able to handle the light lure without difficulty, the flexible tip of BeamsLOWER7.3L is equipped with appropriate tension. From the berry to the bat, it is more supple than the BRIST5.10 series, but you can feel the crispy and strange feeling. A strong but curved super versatile rod is completed. The taper design makes it easy for anyone to experience distance and high precision casting.