Since it is 3 pieces, it is compact when winding and storing.

Beams blancsierra5.2UL

Total length: 154cm (5.2ft) Material: 4-axis carbon Guide: K guide titanium + stainless Weight: 104g Joint number: 3 pieces Inlet dimension: 62cm Tip diameter: 1.84mm Original diameter: 9.6mm Grip length: 28cm Lure weight: 2 ~ 7g Line: 3-6lb / PE0.5-1 JAN code: 4571487900221 Price: 39,800 yen (+ tax)

Around the grip of Beams blancsierra5.2UL

[Grip circumference] A
reel seat with a thin diameter that gives priority to being thrown out for one day without reducing the grip strength, rather than fishing that requires sensitivity-sensitive blank touch. Under the trigger, transplant the design from 5.10. The cork shape recreates the comfort of the grip without cutting it into an R by putting the metal ring between the idea of ​​the old Beams shape.

Beams blancsierra5.2UL fore grip

[Rotating Foregrip]
Tighten the reel foot with the foregrip rotating screw type. (The upper aluminum is rotated to fix the reel) The appearance and operation are smart.

Beams blancsierra5.2UL blank color guide

[Blank color guide]
Bordeaux, which is dark in low light and deep under the sun but transparent, is a very beautiful color with good compatibility with fish and water. The guide is a K guide with titanium and stainless steel.

is a bait rod dedicated to light lure pin shooting, but also supports twitching and dog walking with minnow plugs and top water plugs [Beams blancsierra5.2UL]. The first generation UL was a glass solid, but the second generation UL reproduced the curve of the first generation UL with full carbon. By realizing an exquisite tone between medium elasticity and parabolic, it was a pin spot that “returned quickly and not too late” I got the most difficult balance that was absolutely necessary for shooting. If this balance is decided, the shot lure will automatically become a low bullet liner, resulting in high accuracy. No special technique is required for pinning. Because it is designed to bend with a slight force on the elbow and wrist joints without using the shoulders, Angler only remembers these two slight forms. And even the unexpected encounter with the ranker, the second-generation blanc sierra is equipped with a strong bat, so it does not give the initiative to the ranker. This bat diameter is thicker than the out of production Beams7.6L.