3 pieces so you can store domestic turtles, sea bass expedition and walking


Total length: 268 cm (8.9 ft) Material: 4-axis carbon Guide: K guide titanium + stainless Weight: 240 g Joint number: 3 pieces Last dimension: 108 cm Tip diameter: 1.85 mm Original diameter: 14.9 mm Grip length: 48 cm Luer weight: 7- 45g Line: PE1-5 No. JAN code: 4571487900085 Price: ¥ 55,000 (+ tax)


[Grip part]
Fishman original rotary foregrip with aluminum shavings is larger than the 5.10 series and securely holds large reels. The reel seat has a wood matte coat and is equipped with EVA under the trigger. The end grip is equipped with a rubber for the ranker. The DNA from Beams that can be thrown out for a day without losing its grip is also transferred to the shape under the trigger.

BRIST VENDAVAL 8.9M Blanks Guide

[Blanks / Guide]
All four-axis carbon materials with high elasticity to low elasticity coexist with blanks, but when you swing, you will get a tight impression, but you will be surprised at the sticky waist when you throw it. The place to turn is just above the bat. The benefits of being able to bend and converge quickly are reflected in the distance and interaction with the monster. The guide is a K guide that uses titanium and stainless steel together. The tip section is made of titanium to reduce the feeling of weight. The ring diameter is thicker and a thicker leader is possible.


[Joint part]
VENDAVAL icon engraved on the connection part.

Name: VENDAVAL is based on the concept of making bait rods that can fight even under strong winds, in strong winds in Hokkaido (7-15m headwind) and Patagonia in Argentina (10-20m headwind) Tested. The feature of this rod is that it “flys” anyway. In the windless flight distance test, we were able to achieve over 100m many times. Since the main concept of this rod is also on the extension line of the 5.10 series, it turns quickly but converges quickly like a quick whip. In this respect, the long length was not as difficult as the short length ratio, but multiple materials were implemented, pinpointing the point where the rebound was slow, and fine-tuning one by one to achieve a more optimal rebound- -As a result of repeating the distracting work, it became a rod that looks like [Fishman]. Approached to a point far away from commonly used sea bass lures 10-14cm and metal vibes. And Equipped with a strong bat that can forcibly lift the fish that breaks at the beach near the break. Fields include surf, reeds, estuaries and lakes.