Widely compatible with large fish aiming lure casting games.

A model that responds to the demand for fishing with the Big Bait to target Mongolian great Ito. A famous fish that can cover a wide range of fish species, which has also served as a catalyst for the current monster fish boom using heavy bait. We adhere closely to the concept of “fishing = travel”, which is a common concept of TULALA, and we are not limited to large trouts such as Ito or Monster Brown on the mainland, and there is no limit to the target depending on the user.

Regular Taper & Heavy Action Rod

Designed based on PE lines 3-4. It is finished in “regular taper & heavy action rod” on the premise that the lure and mechanism up to around 200g are cast smoothly. The 2 to 4 oz (56 to 113 g) lure is particularly easy to use a rod, and the berry that firmly receives the lure makes the lure operation easy. In addition, Batpower is proven, with enough power to pull large fish out of places that are in fast-flowing rivers and in strong current cores so that they can not be wound on rocks or roots. You are At a minimum, it is possible to operate lures of around 15 to 30 g. The ability to select a wide range of lure weights is especially beneficial in situations where travel equipment is limited.
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Staff Comment

When aiming at trout in the big bait, it is necessary to be able to add actions such as a switch to the lure, and the stickiness of the chopsticks to cope with the intense swing and roll after hanging the fish.
By ignoring the sensitivity as if to go back in time, a distinctive blank was created that had the contradictory aspects of “strong” and “soft” that were to be inherited by the subsequent TULALA rods.
It is a book that boasts popularity that has not changed since the brand was launched.

El Horizonte for large fish, aimed at big bait.

The fusion of “strong” and “soft”.
A unique blank with both contradictory aspects is born.