Short design that emphasizes handling.

Designed and developed with a large creek area, which is often found in Kyushu and Chubu districts, with a focus on frog games in the main light cover area, Hisimo is the best in the series in the management of small areas. Focusing on the balance when holding, as a gyogyo rod that anyone can handle easily, it became difficult for the concentration on the angler side to break even after repeated shaking, and it became possible to throw a light frog without stress.


Apsarasu 68 is the shortest model in the series. Designed mainly for use in light covers and small areas. Shortening the grip by emphasizing the balance when holding it and the quality of handling.
Open to light A delicate approach to the fish, such as breathing and site games in the light cover area, is possible.Reel seat is TCS. 15g ~ 30g is a guide for frogs.
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Staff Comment

Return blanks to old materials.
Notable points created by this are the outstanding cast feel and flight distance.

Due to the unique characteristics of the TULALA blanks, which were not found on only short rods, it succeeded in extending the distance without stress. Even in large fields, it is possible to capture the early and late seasons of single seasons and relatively light covers.
You may not usually use a short rod at these fishing locations, but when you see tiredness during expedition combined with field testing or when you see overhangs in your standing position, you will not have to worry about using Apsaras 68 It is impressive that the opportunity to take was unexpectedly many.

Near distance correspondence. Model for light cover only.

Ideal for light covers, small areas.
Snakehead dedicated short rod.