Apsarasu 76 is a heavy model with the most standard features in the series. There is a large pond next to the creek, the size of the pond you want to aim, the style of the Langan where the growth of the cover changes and the style of Langan changes, and the expedition where a wide range of applied power is required, etc. can be handled at your own pace.

Versatile design in any situation.

Respond to various situations quickly and on demand.

The most versatile model in the series is Apsaras 76.
With the main focus on medium-sized fields such as general field ponds and creeks, we have thoroughly pursued the basic performance as a torpedo rod, such as the most manageable length, the power design that can be sufficiently coped with heavy covers with heavy covers. .Standard of hardness corresponds to three pieces. TCS for reel sheet and 15 ~ 30g for frog will be a standard.
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Staff Comment

Rather than lightness and weight, we are committed to the standard material and blanks design that have a long-lasting sense of security unique to TULALA, and have developed the concept of “being a single, well-loved and long-loved book.”
In addition to blanks materials, we appoint designers who have brought out the masters of the 90’s, as well as factories.
At that time, it was a simple wish as an angler to set the guides and parts at the time, but as a result, thanks to the length down, weight balance and parts evolution, it was more comfortable than expected became.

Every time I cast, I remember the strange feeling that the memories of those days come to me.
I feel that it has become a simple standard model created on the theme of the memory of an important angler who manages the past, present, and future of important fields.

All-rounder Apsaras.

Standard snakehead rod suitable for heavy covers.