The boundaries and edges of the dark and light areas of the diamonds that are often found in large ponds. Based on the concept that the deep-strewn fish is to be thrown away at a distance, based on the concept, a long rod not too heavy with an ideal strength is completed after repeated trial and error. It is a blank design to increase the transmission efficiency of hooking power at the end of the long throw, as well as for the cast.

Designed to specialize in long throw ability.

Completed long rod not too heavy with ideal strength.

In order to specialize in long throw, the rear grip is designed to be longer compared to the standard Apsaras 76.
While giving the hardness and power to catch the fish even in heavy cover use, it is a mild taper that is easy to cast about 10g of lightweight frog. Standard of hardness corresponds to 1-2 pieces.
TCS for reel sheet and 15 to 45g for frog will be a standard.
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Staff Comment

Apsaras series designed to take advantage of the traditional Lygyorod process.
In this situation, the rod bends firmly, reducing unexpected rod breakage and greatly reducing the burden on the angler during the fight.

Apsaras may be felt light compared to the inflexible torpedo rod that has become the main axis in recent years.
That’s why I concentrated on the best balance design and weight without fatigue even if I continue shaking all day.

Fishing is a journey as well as fishing.
Designing this fort would be a great advantage for anglers in situations where you have to keep going for several days, such as a local expedition or even an overseas expedition.

Aim for the fish that is threading. Long cast compatible model.

Cheat on the vast heavy coverage area.
A long cast compatible model for shooting off fish that is threading.