An irregular three-piece form that El Horizonte 70 arrived. Fishing trips are always a series of movements, whether domestic or overseas.
Long rod cases can be a barrier to public transport and walking.
By setting the dimensions to the same 136 cm as the Aventura 59, the convenience of carrying is improved.
It is possible to carry it with the same bazooka as the TULALA short series while being a 7-foot class long rod.
For users who want to carry and use long rods conveniently while traveling. It is an expedition specialization model sent by Tsurara.

Make your expedition fishing line comfortable.

By leaving the power from berry to bat strong, and seasoning the tip a little soft
, it has a heavy versatile design that supports a wide range of lures, fishing practices and fish species.
Of course, blanks that can be bent cleanly when hanging a fish have a pedigree written by Tsurara.
Since the entire blank has a suitable tension, from the warmth to jigging, the vertical and horizontal operability also improves.
Thanks to the somewhat soft tip, the casting accuracy when aiming at the pin spot has also improved dramatically.
This should be especially helpful for anglers, especially in overseas fishing, where you want to make your life a unique opportunity.

The bat section is strong and has a torque, so it will respond instantly to the gachinko fight on the road.
Thanks to such a bat department, it became possible to cast big baits and large plugs.
I do not know what kind of fish I can meet in the country, abroad, in the water.
It is a rod designed with the thought of wanting to enjoy all such fun moments.

It is derived from a “travel” full of movement.

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3-piece expedition specialization model

From domestic to overseas.
Expedition-style versatile rod.