Aim to catch as many fish as possible.

A wild boar lock game. The cause of the difficulty in fishing was the behavior of groupers at the time of hit. In the case of root fish such as scorpionfish and soy, it is a position that can be said to be landing, and it is localized depending on the bottom and the wall. From this position, we will be in line with the food and firmly reverse feeding behavior. However, the groupers are localized in the form of floating in the shadows. When the food is about to pass, it strikes at a stretch, but at this time, it is a series of movements to return to the original shadow at once. Because of this, when the fish bends, the fish are often already behind the scenes, and they often become rooted before starting the fight.

Hardness to shift coordinates and bring it into a fight.

El Horizonte 86 eliminates bending as much as possible, making it a stick-like hard, thick blank. By the action of this bat part, it becomes possible to shift the coordinates which become the target point of groupers who are going to return at the time of a bite. The groupers who can not return will have time to bring them into the fight here, in order to move on to the next goal. This long kite with a thin tip and a sharply thick taper can be used to feed various types of lures, including soft baits, metal jigs and hard plugs. In addition, combined with the effect of the bait casting reel, it is also easier to take the movement of turning the root during operation.
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Staff Comment

Depending on the location and use of medium and small tetra areas, etc., it will be somewhat heavy.
In addition, there is almost no fishing that causes a full bend when fighting.
Because of the soft bait setting, the tip is thin for large casting jigs, and metal jigs up to around 60 are the main.
When using a large offshore plug, etc., take a long drip and recommend casting with a loose operation.

A bait rod to capture the problem of groupers + lava zones.

A wild boar covered with medium-sized groupers and quees.
In order to capture an impregnable spot.