Introducing the LX992Z, supervised by Katsutaka Imae!

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Introducing LX992Z, supervised by Katsutaka Imae


Signature BF model with an aluminum frame. Uses highly durable, high-speed ceramic super-free HPC ball bearings. A combination of shallow pool and deep spool supports all styles.




Katsutaka Imae Pro Comment

First of all, the absolute minimum requirement for your reel is an “aluminum frame” with high frame rigidity and accuracy.

Resin frames and magnesium frames are certainly light, but frame rigidity is an absolute requirement for me to prioritize everything from the viewpoint of aging durability, and resin frames and magnesium frames have the advantage of being overwhelmingly lightweight, but it is an extreme story. , When hooking or fighting, I feel “uncomfortable feeling like crushing”.

Actually, it is impossible to squeeze with a grip strength of about 60 kg, but in bait finesse where ultra-high precision spool accuracy is the life, frame distortion (distortion) makes a decisive difference in reel life.

Frame rigidity is even more important when considering support for “PE bait finesse” without play.

A high-rigidity aluminum frame is an absolute requirement for PE bait finesse.

Also, since the “middle spool” that comes with the spare can wind 14Lb for 75m, there is no need to worry about the line being shorted by the full cast unless it is a metal vibe.

It should be noted that the “LX992Z middle spool” is finished in a cast feel for winding products even in the normal state.

In addition to the bait finesse ability of “LTZ” or higher in the default state, the feature of “LX992Z” is that it greatly exceeds “LTZ” as a wound mono reel.




Dura metal frame

The aluminum frame is designed to the utmost while focusing on weight reduction without reducing strength.

Material setting considering stability and tough use in retrieval.


C6 side plate

Unique new material C6 carbon is an engineering plastic reinforced with carbon fiber,

Its rigidity is comparable to magnesium.

By using this material, we have achieved a significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability.

Zero brake system

Equipped with 5 magnet pockets for 3 mm thickness and 5 for 1.5 mm thickness

Bait reel that can smoothly transition from casting to pitching.

It can be said that the basic idea of ​​the zero brake system is such a wide range, in other words, versatility.

The basic mug brake of LX992Z is ​​2.3g Aberaba & Uncle Goby at “0 position” indicated by the yellow arrow.

7-8 lbs Fluoro 55 rpm standard pitching and casting stress-free

It is a setting that is compatible at the same time.

Extra lightweight φ33mm spool made of extra super duralumin

With the synergistic effect of magnetic brake and ceramic super free,

Obtained a different dimension of cast feel and casting performance.

In this series, a 12lb-100m spool is attached to the 10lb-80m main body spool.

Including the main body, a wide range of 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 16lb line use is possible.

You can capture any field.

Recessed reel foot

The split reel foot pushes the spool downwards, enabling further low pro.

The height from the foot is about 40 mm. Provides comfortable palming performance.

Soft coated BFC light finesse knob

The handle knob has a hollow structure to achieve thorough weight reduction.

Uses an easy-to-grip form and optimal surface processing.

Carbon star drag

Carbonization is indispensable for weight reduction. Like the handle arm

The star wheel is also made of carbon, which contributes to weight reduction.


90mm crank Dura carbon handle

By laminating a highly elastic carbon material, it contributes to high strength, weight reduction and sensitivity improvement.

The length is 90 mm.

Dura clutch

Thorough review of the moving part, easy to cut and improved durability

It has a clutch structure.


Ceramic Super Free 

Uses highly durable ceramic balls. Also, miniaturization of ball bearings is a means of reducing resistance, but it becomes vulnerable to load.

Abu Garcia reviewed the design of the ball bearing groove of the bearing and succeeded in developing a ball bearing of the conventional size with low rotational resistance.

Improved low trajectory pitching and long throw performance.

Carbon matric drag with click mechanism

By adopting Abu Garcia’s original carbon matrix drag washer, it is possible to apply higher drag force while maintaining smooth performance in a wide range.

By introducing a clicker, it is possible to grasp the speed drawn from the drag and communicate while being aware of the line break.

Lure keeper

Equipped with a lure keeper that is useful for moving small places.

It is possible to hang a nail on the protrusion and pull it out.

At the same time, if you store the line through the half-moon-shaped hole, it will be useful when storing as a function of the line keeper.

Salt Shield TM Pinion Bearing

By adopting a newly developed ball bearing with a water-repellent coat applied to the entire inside and outside, the salt shaving phenomenon that causes abnormal rotation noise is drastically reduced.

We have succeeded in greatly improving the rotation feel and durability. It is used for the pinion gear part where salt crystals are most likely to remain on the dual-axis reel.

Product features

  • Own weight 160g
  • Ceramic Super Free HPC BB
  • Zero brake system
  • Soft coated BFC light finesse knob
  • DURAMETAL frame
  • DURA clutch
  • C6 side plate
  • Salt Shield Pinion BB
  • Carbon matrix drag with click mechanism
  • Carbon star drag
  • Infini spool design
  • Extra super duralumin gear
  • Lure keeper
  • 90mm Dura carbon handle