New model REVO TRV for exclusive use with Thai handle equipped with long handle.

The best specifications for Tylababa. 120mm double long handle specification compatible with power draw of straight drawing and Thai rubber over 100g. Drag click and finesse carbon matrix drag enable smooth exchange with red sea bream and Tairababa target fish. Super Fire Line 0.8-300m line stock with line capacity that can be used for draining.

Product features


  • Light weight 187g
  • 120mm long handle + head EVA handle
  • Ultra super duralumin gear
  • φ32mm spool
  • Drag clicker
  • HPCR ball bearing
  • X-CRAFTIC frame
  • Infini brake system
  • DLC coated pinion gear
  • Finesse carbon matrix drag
  • Infini spool design


  • Ultra-light duralumin, super lightweight φ32mm spool

    Ultra-light duralumin, super lightweight φ32mm spool

    Φ32mm lightweight spool that can drop a light tie rubber without resistance

  • Recessed reel foot

    Recessed reel foot

    The split reel foot pushes down the spool, making it even more low-profile.

  • Low pro design

    Low pro design

    Height from the foot is about 38mm. Provides comfortable palming performance.

  • Lightweight middle EVA handle knob

    Lightweight middle EVA handle knob

  • 120mm handle

    120mm handle

    120mm long handle for heavy load of 120g or more when the load of tidal current is large. (60mm on one side) Reeling can be done without losing even the attack of Thailand, and it can be securely brought to the hooking.

  • Finesse carbon matrix drag with drag clicker

    Finesse carbon matrix drag with drag clicker

  • Drag settings optimized for Thai lab

    Drag settings optimized for Thai lab

    The adjustment range of the 1Kg to 2kg range, which is the most frequently used in Thai rubber, has been increased, and special grease has been adopted to provide an excellent setting for sliding out with a fine thread on the PE line.

  • X-CRAFTIC frame

    X-CRAFTIC frame

    The aluminum frame is designed to the limit while reducing the strength without reducing the strength. Material setting considering tough use in salt.

  • DLC coated pinion gear

    DLC coated pinion gear

    A pinion gear that rotates under the harsh conditions of retrieving Tylaba repeatedly. This reel has a pinion gear coated with DLC, which is used for automobiles and drives heavy objects. Improved surface hardness, lubricity and durability.

  • Infini brake system 

    Infini brake system

    The TRV is equipped with a 2-pin centrifugal brake for the Infini brake system. A setting that minimizes weight and takes into account rotation response. A centrifugal brake that uses a spring mechanism for each block of the brake system and a high-performance magnet brake system can be used together. Backhand can be prevented by using a centrifugal brake for underhand casting and free priority, and a magnet brake for casting upwind. Due to the handle length of 120mm, full casting is not possible because the clutch may return.

  • Soft clutch

    Soft clutch

    The clutch mechanism was reviewed from the ground up to realize a soft clutch with good operating performance. The degree of fatigue due to repeated operations of the day can be reduced.