High Power & Toughness Revo SX Series

Bait reel equipped with high power robust large diameter brass gear, drag MAX11kg, power stack carbon drag close to full lock. Equipped with full specifications for Big Lake and Big Fish. Supports changing fields with IB brakes compatible with all winds.


X-CRAFTIC frameThe aluminum frame focuses on weight reduction without sacrificing strength

Extreme design.

Material setting considering tough use in salt.

Infinibu rake system

A centrifugal brake that uses a spring mechanism for each block of the 6-point brake system,

“Infini brake system” that can be used with a high-performance magnet brake system.

It is safe even when you are worried about line troubles, such as headwinds. Centrifugal brake with one reel

A brake system that utilizes the advantages of each magnetic brake.

Power stack carbon matrix drag

Normally, when there are two drag washers, only one side is effective,

By adding irregularities on the outer diameter of the drag washer,

Demonstrate the effect of three sides, one more than usual.

It offers excellent drag performance as well as maximum drag.

D2 gear design large caliber brass gear

Equipped with a strong large-diameter brass gear, durability and strength have been improved,

Fighting with big game can be done with strong gear.

Dura clutch

Thoroughly review the operating section, easy to cut,

The clutch structure has improved durability.

φ33mm aluminum machine cut spool

Infini spool design

The amount of bobbin conscious of big lake and big fish that stocks 16lb-115m.

The split and shortened spool shaft reduces rotational resistance and improves castability.

Recessed reel foot
The split reel foot pushes down the spool, making it even more low-profile.

Height from the foot is about 40mm. Provides comfortable palming performance.

90mm crank handle + big flat knob

High power 90mm handle

The large flat knob that is easy to grasp is adopted.

C6 side plate

The original new material C6 carbon is an engineering plastic reinforced with carbon fiber,

Its stiffness is comparable to magnesium.

By adopting this material,

Significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability.

Product features


  • 220g of own weight
  • Power stack carbon matrix drag
  • D2 gear design
  • C6 carbon side plate
  • 33mm spool diameter
  • Infini brake system
  • Dura gear large diameter brass gear
  • Infini spool design
  • High durability X-Craftic aluminum frame
  • 90mm crank handle