Released in March 2017

Go straight to the field with a “threaded” reel!

* As this is an image, it may differ from the actual product.

Cardinal S, a reel with “thread” that is ideal for entry users, is equipped with a rocket line management system and has been renewed!


A deep groove spool is mounted on a spinning reel with easy-to-use functions. It is attractive to be able to go to the field immediately. The field also supports a wide range of lakes, rivers, and embankments!


Rocket Line Management System TM1. Spool Design-Abu Garcia’s unique rocket spool lip allows the line to be released from the spool more smoothly and evenly.
2. Oscillation system-The slow oscillation system allows the line to be wound more smoothly and evenly onto the spool with the optimum winding angle.
3. Bale-The unique bale opening angle controls the optimal line loop as the line is ejected from the spool lip, allowing the line to pass smoothly through the rod’s first stripping guide.


Product features

  • 3BB + 1 instant anti-reverse
  • Aluminum spool
  • Rocket line management system
  • With thread