Practical bait reel for light lures that has the castability and compactness of a higher model.

A wide range of applications such as bait finesse, light Texas, and trout on bass and saltwater. Its own weight is 166g with low fatigue.

Product features


  • Light weight 166g
  • Magtrax III Brake System Plus
  • 32mm spool
  • Infini spool design
  • X-CRAFTIC frame
  • Duragia brass gear
  • Carbon matrix drag
  • HPCR ball bearing


  • X-CRAFTIC frame

    X-CRAFTIC frame

    The aluminum frame is designed to the limit while reducing the strength without reducing the strength. Material setting considering tough use in salt.

  • Lure keeper

    Lure keeper

    Equipped with lure keeper to help move small places. Can be pulled out with hooks on hooks. At the same time, if you put it through a line in a half-moon-shaped hole, it will be useful as a line keeper when storing.

  • Magtrax III brake system

    Magtrax III brake system

    A unit with 5 magnet pockets for 5mm for 3mm thickness and 5 pockets for 1.5mm thickness is adopted. Fine adjustment is possible according to the casting characteristics of the user and the condition of the rod. It is possible to cope with the air resistance of various types of light lures, which has progressed in recent years. The standard is 5 pieces of 3mm and 5 pieces of 1.5mm. The magnet can be removed if you like.

  • Recessed reel foot

    Recessed reel foot

    The split reel foot pushes down the spool, making it even more low-profile.

  • Low profile body

    Low profile body

    Height from the foot is about 38mm. Provides comfortable palming performance.

  • Soft clutch

    Soft clutch

    The clutch mechanism was reviewed from the ground up, and a soft clutch with good operating performance was realized. The degree of fatigue due to repeated operations of the day can be reduced.

  • 85mm handle

    85mm handle

    Employs a lightweight, easy-to-grip EVA material flat knob with an almighty 85mm handle

  • Lightweight EVA flat knob

    Lightweight EVA flat knob

  • Ultra-light duralumin, super lightweight φ32mm spool

    Ultra-light duralumin, super lightweight φ32mm spool

    The diameter that determines the casting performance of lightweight lures. Light lure castability was obtained with a spool diameter of φ32 mm. While analyzing the strength, the thoroughly lightweight spool that does not incorporate any extra mechanism has a synergistic effect with the Magtrax brake, and has a different dimension of cast feel and casting performance.