Comments on Makoto Kubo Pro

Revo WINCH is a 5.4: 1 low gear model that is indispensable for winding games such as swim jigs and Alabama rigs to magnum cranks with strong winding resistance.
The large-diameter brass gear and aluminum frame body are durable enough to withstand hard winding games, and the use of the
95mm handle allows you to get a more full winding feeling.
The brake system adopts the Infini brake system to cover many fast moving lures with different air resistance and weight, and can decide long cast comfortably in various situations.



Bait reel equipped with high power robust large diameter brass gear, drag MAX11kg, power stack carbon drag close to full lock. Equipped with full specifications for Big Lake and Big Fish. Supports changing fields with IB brakes compatible with all winds.


X-CRAFTIC frame and crank side plate

The aluminum frame is designed to the limit while reducing the strength without reducing the strength.

Material setting considering tough use in salt.

The gearbox is also made of aluminum, so stable retrieval is possible

Infini brake system

A centrifugal brake that uses a spring mechanism for each block of the 6-point brake system,

“Infini brake system” that can be used with a high-performance magnet brake system.

It is safe even when you are worried about line troubles, such as headwinds. Centrifugal brake with one reel

A brake system that can take advantage of the advantages of each magnet brake.

Power stack carbon matrix drag

Normally, when there are two drag washers, only one side is effective,

By adding irregularities on the outside diameter of the drag washer

Demonstrate the effect of three sides, one more than usual.

It offers excellent drag performance as well as maximum drag.


D2 gear design large caliber brass gear

Equipped with a strong large-diameter brass gear, durability and strength have been improved,

Fighting with big game can be done with strong gear.

Dura clutch

The operating section has been thoroughly redesigned, resulting in a clutch structure that is easy to disengage and has improved durability.

φ33mm aluminum machine cut deep spool

The amount of thread that can afford 20lb-100m.

By storing of a very thick line in consideration of big game,

Without worrying about the amount of thread

Fighting is now possible.

Recessed reel foot
The split reel foot pushes down the spool, making it even more low-profile.

Height from the foot is about 40mm. Provides comfortable palming performance.

95mm crank handle + big flat EVA knob

The high power 95mm handle uses a large flat knob made of EVA material that is lightweight and easy to grip.

Articulated side plate

The articulated side plate prevents loss due to falling when adjusting the brake.

C6 palming side plate

Unique new material C6 carbon reinforced with carbon fiber

It is an engineering plastic whose rigidity is comparable to magnesium.

The use of this material has resulted in significant weight savings without sacrificing strength and durability.

Product features

    • Own weight 214g
    • Infini brake
    • Power stack carbon matrix drag
    • Dura gear large diameter brass gear
    • D2 gear design
    • C6 palming side plate
    • Articulated side plate
    • High durability X-Craftic aluminum frame & crank side plate
    • 33mm spool diameter
    • Infini spool design
    • 95mm crank handle