Low profile reels that create a new era. That’s REVO. Not only that it is an easy-to-barm mouth profile design that sets it apart from the basic ambassador series, it is an epoch-making item incorporating the latest in the interior and materials. It is a model that absorbs the needs of Japanese anglers and integrates the latest technology and tradition of Abu Garcia. In addition to the low profile design and the left and right handle settings, two types of brake systems, linear mag brakes and centrifugal brakes, are attracting attention. It is possible to use properly according to the lure to be used and how to attack. And we need to use efficiently the lure of winding thing such as big bait and crank, and the good point of return is necessary high gear model with a gear ratio of 7.1: 1, which is very effective for pitching fishing. Demonstrates the power of fishing that requires interaction with rod work. The light blue body inshore is a model targeted at bay areas and inshore salt water games. And in 2008, the lineup of elite and elite CB that will be the top models. “The low price, high performance, and the simple thing is that I think it can be said that the completeness of the previous SX Moram surpasses in all aspects.” Revo Pro also highly valued. It is the strongest and latest ambassador that uses the latest mechanics and technology, in addition to the lifelong durability that the ambassador has made a tradition.

■ Infini Spool IITM with continuous rotation
When the clutch is disengaged, the spool separates from the pinion shaft. [Infini Spool I TM] The shaft does not receive friction in the pinion box, so the free spool rotation lasts for a long time.

■ 6-point centrifugal brake system (Revo Elite CB) for technical casting
It is possible to make the most of the angler’s cast by using the smooth initial rise and smooth growth at the final speed. By adjusting the technical summing and six brake blocks freely, it is possible to perform long pitching and full cast of hard bait.

■ A linear mug brake system (Revo Elite) that resists full casts of spools and against strong winds
Adjustment is easy with the outer brake dial, and linear mag brakes that can be adjusted with equal brake pressure at all times. The range from light brags to big baits is wide, and casts with the best brakes are now possible. In addition, unlike conventional magnet brakes, zero setting also supports stress-free biting and free fall.

■ HPCR ball pairing with excellent anti-corrosion performance
All nine NPCR-made HPCR ball bearings with excellent casting performance are used. The performance does not decline even under severe conditions or continuous high rotation, and you can keep using it with confidence.

■ Ultra-super-duralumin spool that is light in weight and rotation
Made from ultra-duralumin which is also used as an aircraft material. We cut meat to the limit and succeeded in significant weight reduction than conventional products. I realized a light cast feel.

■ One-piece aluminum frame & aluminum handle side plate
One-piece aluminum frame with a sense of openness, yet strong and light, and aluminum handle side plate. It inherits the durability of the long tradition.

Revo Elite Notes
Levo series flagship model elite that throws and catches with a linear mug is REV. Flagship model of the series. The use of highly durable duralumin gears and ultra-duralumin made spools has succeeded in achieving the spec of the series lightest weight of 189 g. The brake uses a linear mug to reduce backlash. The synergy with the main shaft of the separate type, such as scrolls and jerk bait, is effective in fishing where the casting of hard lures is the main. In addition, since the linear mug can be set to zero, it can also be used for flipping fishing.

● One-piece aluminum frame & aluminum handle side plate
● Linear mag brake system
● Power disc drag
● Infinis spool II (separate shaft spool)
● Highly durable duralumin gear
● Duralumin made of light weight spool (self weight 11.5 g)

Revo Elite CB Notes
The top-of-the-line model of the Revo series comes with centrifugal brakes that use effective centrifugal brakes for difficult pitching, large throw and hard-to-throw rigs. It weighs 189 grams, the lightest in the same series as the elite. The ultra-duralumin spool, which is 33% lighter than the conventional one, has been trimmed to the limit, and it combines with the highly durable duralumin gear and the infini spool | It features a red-colored spool and mechanical brake knob, and a black body coloring. It is a model that demonstrates its power in fishing for pitching to pinpoint and for fishing in a wider range.

● One-beth aluminum frame & aluminum handle side plate
● 6-point centrifugal brake system
● Power disc drag
● Infinis spool II (separate shaft spool)
● Highly durable duralumin
● Ultra-duralumin made lightweight spool (self weight 127 g)
※ With CB Is the abbreviation of CENTRIFUGAL BRAKE.