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Revo ELITE, which has been fully remodeled as the 4th generation Revo, employs ultra-duralumin large-diameter gears and an aluminum frame. It is a full-size machine with a thread winding amount of 14 lb / 100 m, yet it is about 180 g and has both robustness and lightweight. You.
ELITE8, which has many casts such as pitching, has an IVCB centrifugal brake system that allows for ON / OFF adjustment of six brake blocks and fine adjustment by dial, and ELITE6 / 7, which covers various fishing, is an infinity that can be used in any situation. This is an all-rounder reel equipped with a brake system and an optimized brake system.

High power large diameter gear, drag MAX10kg Bait reel with power stack carbon drag close to full lock. From Lake Biwa, Lake Kasumi to Big Lake, Salt Rockfish. Equipped with IVCB-6L centrifugal brake that can be fine-tuned and adjusted outside.


Durametal frame

The aluminum frame focuses on weight reduction without sacrificing strength

Extreme design.

Material setting considering tough use in salt.

IVCB-6L centrifugal brake system

A lock mechanism for the brake block has been added to the centrifugal brake system that can be adjusted from the outside.

The IVCB centrifugal brake system, which is popular for its flight distance and cast feel, has evolved further,

It is now possible to respond to fine rod conditions and user cast styles.

Power stack carbon matrix drag

Normally, when there are two drag washers, only one side is effective,

By adding irregularities on the outer diameter of the drag washer,

Demonstrate the effect of three sides, one more than usual.

It offers excellent drag performance as well as maximum drag.


D2 gear design large caliber super duralumin gear

The large-diameter gear balances stable winding speed and power.

And because it uses super duralumin, it is both lightweight and strong.

Dura clutch

Thoroughly review the operating section, easy to cut,

The clutch structure has improved durability.

Super light duralumin super lightweight φ33mm SLC spool

Infini spool design

The weight of the spool that determines the casting performance.

We designed a thin wall while securing a line capacity of 14lb-100m and a line capacity of 16lb-85m corresponding to big game,

While analyzing the strength, the spool that has been thoroughly reduced in weight,

A synergistic effect with the InfiniBrake resulted in a different-dimensional cast feel and casting performance.

Recessed reel foot
The split reel foot pushes down the spool, making it even more low-profile.

Height from the foot is about 40mm. Provides comfortable palming performance.

90mm crank carbon handle + big flat EVA knob

Lightweight, high power 90mm handle

Uses a large flat knob made of EVA material that is lightweight and easy to grip

Articulated side plate

The articulated side plate prevents loss due to falling when adjusting the brake.

C6 side plate

The original new material C6 carbon is an engineering plastic reinforced with carbon fiber,

Its stiffness is comparable to magnesium.

By adopting this material,

Significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength and durability.

Salt Shield TM pinion bearing

By adopting a newly developed ball bearing with a water-repellent coating on the entire inside and outside,

Dramatically reduced salt-gami phenomena that cause abnormal noise.

The rotary feel and durability have been greatly improved.

It is adopted for the pinion gear section where salt crystals are most likely to remain on the double-axis reel.

Product features

  • 177 g of own weight
  • IVCB-6L brake system
  • C6 carbon side plate
  • Power stack carbon matrix drag
  • D2 design large aperture super duralumin gear
  • Connected side plate
  • Dura clutch
  • Infini spool design
  • Salt shield pinion gear BB
  • High durability dura metal aluminum frame
  • 33mm spool diameter
  • 90mm crank carbon handle