[AGS (Air Guide System) / SVF COMPILE-X / X45 / 3DX / V-Joint / TUBULARPOWERSLIM]

The long-lasting masterpiece of Shipland, Shippu, and Shippu Nanada TYPE-E / TYPE-W, the longest version of Heartland’s past works, is Shippu Nanada AGS. By extending the elastic modulus of SVF COMPILE-X, which is 3 “longer than Shippu Shichito, reducing the amount of resin to the ultimate, and increasing the amount of fibers, it has been made thinner and sharper. The rebound speed was further increased, and the long throwing performance and further high sensitivity were obtained to reach the range that was not reached by Shippu Shichijo.Assisted by SVF COMPILE-X with X45 and 3DX The blank is a weak setting of thin rods, suppressing twisting and power loss of the rods, and setting that is like an expert that draws out the original power of the rod. By adopting the next generation “AGS”, the sensitivity is sublimated.At the time of casting, the guide is transmitted to the rod without bending, and the long throw is realized by narrowing down the rod without power loss. The taper was designed by Portland has become a Murakami tone to draw a stagnation without bending curve from the distal end of the tip to the original, is hidden a power that can not be imagined from its thinness.