[ESS / AGS (Air Guide System) / X45 / V-JOINT / High Density HVF Carbon / TUBULARPOWERSLIM]

7ft, 2-piece length is widely applicable to fields throughout the country. The bait model that can use lures with a wide range of weights, from light Texas to 1/2 OZ class rubber jigs, has improved cast feel and long throwing performance of lures by making the blanks thinner and thicker. The tensioned tip has excellent bottom search power and is a heavy action that can comfortably use rubber jigs. Furthermore, Murakami’s theory and sensibility were sublimated by the sensibility area design system “ESS”, and a bag that surpasses the potential of materials was born. The first AGS guide on Heartland bait rods not only reduced weight, but also improved sensitivity and created an excellent cast feel.