Kansei area design system “ESS” / X 45 (= X torque) / 3 DX / HVF nano plus / V-joint / TUBULAR POWERS LIM / all titanium frame SiC guide / bag

The main material is sublimated from HVF to HVF Nano Plus based on 04 White Gale and 07 White Galle, which were highly supported among Heartland’s works, and the center cut 2-piece design of Tubular Power Slim. It has Murakami style, with a heartland tradition’s spatula and V-joints and shows a beautiful bent curve comparable to one piece. Tubular Power Slim’s small diameter thick blank had weak points that it is easy to twist because it is a muscular blank but thin in diameter, but it is assisted by X45 and reborn into a non-twistable blank, and the supporter effect of 3DX with quick return from then on Improves the response. It is a blank that excludes play and power loss at all for dynamic actions such as cast, hooking and fight. No sinkers, Texas rigs, rubber jig hooks, as well as vibrations, crank baits and minnows can be handled, resulting in a different finish from 04 & 07 White Gale.