Yoshida Shot Signature Model
Yoshida Shot A

GEKIZO-like next-generation rod that supports rod fishing with a rod jointed claw that will be produced for the first time, and shooting fishing such as rubber jigs.

Ground tricks that specialize in short-range battles demonstrate their power even in small places and shoot pin spots such as the back of the cover correctly. 6.7ft length suitable for Octopari to operate the lure by repeating the rhythm good casting repeatedly. The playfulness of Yoshida Shoto is packed with details, and each part also has a GEKIZO specification and meets the sense of ownership. A rod that is shaped like “I want to reduce the number of rods when fishing as much as possible” and “I want to throw various lures with a single rod” for Yoshida attack who mainly uses Okappari. Accurately drop in the lure against the structure and snipe the point. That’s a ground trick.

※ Grip joint specification
※ Weight (weight) includes a balancer.