A rod that Masaki Onaka, a model produced by Masaki Onaka, has realized in high dimensions what Masaki Onaka of the Lake Biwa Guide requires in the operation of moving lures.

For Onaka who floats on the lake for more than 250 days a year, it is not tired that I was stuck at first. Alleviation of fatigue for people while continuing to cast all day. Therefore, adjust the balance after a long test period. It is finished in exquisite rod balance which does not make the length of 7.6ft feel. Of course the killer bat 00 which also corresponds to the fight with the monster bus also has all the insistences that exactly Onaka is seeking that has the operability to overturn the image of heavy, which is typical of long rods, as well as strong bat power peculiar to long rods. The ultimate Lake Biwa Versatile Rod has been completed.

※ Grip joint specifications
● Some double lapping specifications
※ Weight (weight) includes a balancer.