The biggest feature of the Killers 00 Spinning Model “MELT” is that it inherits the delicate solid tip that quickly detects the byte and transmits it to the angler, and the bat power assuming that it confronts the monster bus is also more leapt than “MELT”. Improved into a bait model. You can cast more finesse rigs and hooking instantly with the part-time job. In addition, Killers 00 bait finesse model which condensed everything that is required for the modern bait finesse rod that brings monster bus to landing as well. The length is 6.4 ft, which is easy to operate in Oat Cappé and Beit Fines, regardless of boat. The answer to Killers 00 “Bate Finess” is “MELT BONE”, which was created based on the premise that landing on the bus is definitely done, not just bait finesse that can cast a lightweight rig.

※ Weight includes a balancer.