“DEAD SWORD MAGNUM” is a rod newly designed as a jointed claw magnum dedicated rod.
Joined Claw Magnums, like the original Joined Claws, get more bytes by adding timely action to the bus that has been chased. In such a situation, reliable hooking is essential, but it was difficult to put an action on existing rods due to lack of power and to bring it into firm hooking.

Therefore, “DEAD SWORD MAGNUM” has enough rod power by combining carefully selected materials.
In addition, the original First Taper Action, which uses a high elastic material with tension, maximizes the S-shaped potential of the Joined Crow Magnum.

Other settings are not compromised, and the grip length and reel seat are as detailed as they are, and they are designed to be easy to handle when operating the jointed claw magnum.

※ Grip joint specification
※ Weight (weight) includes a balancer.