● Length: 7 ft

● fit lure: 1 / 4-3 / 4 oz
● fit line: 12-20 lbs

● titanium Torzite Guide Specifications

Suggested Retail: 55,000 yen (excluding tax)

Supple, Torque, versatile, and stress-free operability.
The softness of the glass material that is flexible and has good follow-up ability and the smallness of disaggregation demonstrates superiority in the hard bait game at the time of low activity in which short bytes frequently occur.

It is also a strength of the glass that can be traced exactly without jumping the bottom and structure.
Outstanding castability created by a flexible tip and a high balance setting of torturous belly-butt.

It supports a wide range of small cranks of around 3/16 ounces to big plugs of 1-ounce class, with a focus on 3/8 ounces crankbait.